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Liberty University

Country United States
State Virginia
City Lynchburg
Address 1971 University Blvd
Phone (434) 582-2000

Liberty University Reviews

  • May 24, 2018

Purposely misinformed me of a class I needed to take in order yo complete my degree. I paid $1435 out of pocket for the class, not including $100 for books.

At the end of the class I was informed that the class woukd not count towards my degree and I would have to take an additional class, and pay another $1500 out of pocket!!!!! This school is far ftom being a nonprofit. They are in businesd to mislead and scam students out of thousands of dollars.

  • Mar 31, 2016

I started at Liberty University over a year ago. I graduate in a little over six weeks, or I would have dropped out after the most recent term. The Class BUSI 301 - Business Law - Does not live up to the syllabus. The syllabus promises learning on various business law topics, but that is not what you actually recieve.

Only 40% of the coursework is even remotely related to business law. About 10% is business related. The rest, or roughly half of the class focuses on biblical principals.

The fact that the alternative subject matter is biblical, is not the issue I have. The issue I have is that a vast majority of the course work should focus on the topic of the class. This class does not do that. I'm okay with incorporating biblical principals in learning. I am not okay with all but completely ignoring the class topic in favor of biblical principals.

The school promises biblical integration. The school delivers biblical prinicpals with a tiny bit of the actual subject matter.

When I filed my complaint with the school, I was complely dismissed by several faculty members. I have taken many classes at this school, and BUSI 301 was the worst one as far as subject matter. You simply cannot learn business law from this class, it is not taught.

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