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LG Truck Group, LLC.

Country United States
State Mississippi
City Gulfport
Address 14057 Fastway Lane
Phone 228-382-3112

LG Truck Group, LLC. Reviews

  • Jul 21, 2018

Our company got 2 Peterbilts from LG Trucks. One 2004 and one 2005. We put $10,000 down and our payments were $617/week. We had a little trouble at first because our job got delayed so we let LG know what we were up against. After all we had just given them $10,000 and drove across country to get them. It was immediately clear that LG did not care to even pretend to work with us so we contacted our lawyer. We ended up filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy to try and salvage our business. We then started our job so we decided to try and salvage things by not completing the bankruptcy process and paying directly. Well, in a 30 day span LG started claiming $16,000 in lawyer fees. And we were charged thousands in late fees. We immediately gave LG $5,000 and then started doubling up payments.

Every week we did this. We were notified into this process by our yard where we park our trucks that Garlon Pemberton (owner of LG) had contacted them and wanted access to the yard to repossess the trucks. Our landlord told him to come back with a court order and he called us. We were caught way off guard by this because we had just given LG lawyer fees, late fees and double payments and according to Garlon we were good. Keep in mind that there was not a lack of communication and with every payment we were told that everything was fine. We continued to pay LG every week doubling payments and they continued to try and repossess the trucks until our landlord grew tired of it and gave us notice to leave. We called LG and they said that we hadn’t provided maintenance records so that’s why they were looking for them. I immediately sent LG all of the records.

We realized there were GPS trackers on the trucks and we decided to just keep paying and we’d pull out of this by forking over every penny we earned to LG and eventually we would catch all of the fees. We ignored house payments, car payments and all of our other obligations because these trucks were what made the money so they were priority. My husband was sick daily that even though we had paid they were still after our trucks. One double payment was 2 days late and we were charged $240 for late fees.

In a 5 month span we paid $45,000 to LG Truck Group and on the final week they withdrew 8, you read that right EIGHT payments from our account and picked the trucks up on that day. We didn’t owe 8 payments, we only owed their fees. We were current on payments. My bank is handeling the fraud that took place but they got our trucks right off of our job site. We will be suing but it doesn’t matter because we lost our house and our cars. I want to put the word out wherever I can to warn others to not fall victim to this. If your credit is bad don’t let them steal your life because of it. There were at least 3 other trucking companies names sun faded lettering on the truck doors of both of the trucks that should have been our warning to run but we were desperate. I had asked Garlon what it would take to refinance the trucks and his response was $80,000 EACH! These trucks are worth about $45,000 each and we had paid around $20,000 each on them already.

So, LG wanted $100,000 EACH for these trucks. The trucks came equipped with a bible in each glove box and Garlon will tell you God bless in every conversation but I have realized that he must do that to sleep at night. Trucking is hard enough people- don’t be desperate like us and please don’t use this company unless ending your business is your end goal. LG Truck Group are all thieves and liars! Lynn Hammons is the investor on these trucks with LG and will be added to our suit and bank fraud case as well.

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