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LG Electronics

Country United States
State Texas
City Fort Worth
Address 2155 Eagle Pkwy
Phone 817-490-5454

LG Electronics Reviews

  • Feb 7, 2022

Lower freezer door continues to accumulate ice on the outside top edge of the door. Many phone calls have been made by me to attempt to correct this situation. Five repair attempts have been made to assess and correct this situation by individuals selected by LG Electronics.

To date nothing has been corrected and the situation remains the same. LG electronics wants to continue to attempt the correction. Each time I am required to wait from 8 AM to 4:30 AM for the repair petson to come which puts a severe time burden on me for a whole day.

LG electronics wants to continue this procedure and I want to return this defective product. They have replaced structural supports, rubber sealing gaskets, and two complete drawers with no change in anyway to the current condition.

This is ridiculous!

  • Nov 7, 2021

Purchased an LG 4k UHD Smart TV 2 years ago, it quickly developed a problem with the Bluetooth/Networking module which also includes the remote cursor. Every time I use it it fails within a short period of time. Additionally, the Lan Connected/Disconnected notification randomly flashes on the screen which is very annoying.

I notified LG of the issue and inquired with their Email support and phone support several times. They would respond with a canned response, ask for info and then disappear each time, ignoring and pushing off the problem until it got worse and the warranty expired. I filed BBB and AG complaints where they did the same. They send you copied and pasted FAQ's and then disappear hoping you'll go away until the warranty is up. Just a horrible company

  • Sep 13, 2021

Do not buy 27MD5KL Ultrafine monitor APPLE or LG ULTRAFINE DISPLAY 5K 27"



Do not buy from Apple or LG.


They will waste your time sending you back-and-forth between themselves until you give up or the exchange time limit passes. Do not be patient or you will be $%[email protected]%. You probably are anyway.

Either you pony up $6K for a 5K apple monitor or go with the $2000 LG model and throw your money away because it literally disintegrated.

The frame came apart at the glued notches and the weight cracked the frame until it fell completely apart, literally within weeks you have rubble on your desktop.

LG refuses to acknowledge the problem with several support stalling tactics to try to get you to give up (they assumed I had bought product direct but when they finally sent my link 5 months later to submit proof of purchase - they couldn't close the case fast enough - DECLINED WARRANTY SUPPORT NOT A DIRECT LG PURCHASE-YOUR SERVICE CONTACT IS APPLE).

Apple again sent me back to LG refusing all responsibility, even though the monitor was created for apple computers.

The rep was so disinterested and not paying enough attention to understand that it took 5 months to get LGs attention in the first place and asked if I wante to talk to sales that there was nothing they would do for the monitor I purchased.

  • Aug 11, 2020

Simple equation here — horrible product + miserable customer services + no refund policy = lost customer for life who will go out of their way to tell all friends and family to avoid LG like COVID 19 Horrible product. - refrigerator - overheard the LG technician say on the phone that the condenser in fridges are of such poor quality that they should have never left the factory. Thats negligence by LG. Will be joining the class action. Miserable customer services - 2 hours waits. Redirected many times. No authority for the poor sole’s answering. No answers given.

No Refund - they diagnosed the fridge and required replacement of motherboard, fan and thermostats and paid for labor as well. $300. Finally they diagnosed the compressor (a very well known issue) and now expect me to pay labor too on the in warranty item. LG not willing to pay for parts that did not have to be replaced. That’s like a mechanic replacing the engine when the tire needed replacing and then charging both.

Shame on you LG Dear LG sales team, Your jobs must be impossible, your operations team are making you bleed possible future work. You should be as upset as all us unsatisfied customers. Suggest you call this number and complain as well 1-800-243-0000. Sorry you might have to wait a while.

  • Jun 5, 2020

Lawrence Baker is useless. He has no business being any sort of repair technician much less trying to deal with people. He has zero compassion and does not listen to his customers at all. DO NOT SUPPORT this man or his business and do not buy LG AC products or you will likely have to deal with him. Not only do I have a lemon of an AC unit, I got assigned a lemon of a repair tech. He has made the last 30 days for me absolutely miserable.

LG scheduled 4 different repair appointments. He showed up for 1, was on the property for 5 minutes and said it was a maintenance issue. The maintenance he requested was completed in less than 12 hours (which also made the unit worse, not better). Pictures were sent to the company showing proof. The company itself has since scheduled 3 additional appointments, all of which he cancels at the 11th hour for no reason. Each appointment comes with a week long wait time and it is in the upper 90's every single day. His actions are INEXCUSABLE. This man is truly awful and has no problem leaving customers in tears. Do yourself a favor and support a better business with better customer service. This behavior is unacceptable on every level.

  • Jun 5, 2020

I bought a LG portable AC unit on June 4, 2019. It was not cheap! By January the unit was not working. I contacted the company and they scheduled a service request for repair. No one called, came out or followed up. It was not so hot so I too did not follow up as the unit was not being used. In April I started reaching out again. TO DATE, the unit still does not work and has not been repaired and they refuse to replace it. I believe they intentionally ran out the time for the warranty so they didn't have to deal with it. I have suffered immensely as it has been in the upper 90's every day with no reprieve!

After repeated attempts of calling, live chatting on their site, emailing and calling I FINALLY got a servie appointment for May 11. (I was already angry that it had been more than 30 days and they still made me wait another week but ok, late is better than never). Lawrence Baker showed up and stayed for maybe 5 minutes, did not listen to a single word about the problems I had had and the troubleshooting results. He deemed it a maintenance problem and threw his hands up in the air and left. He literally couldn't get out of here fast enough and did not care about fixing the unit at all. I was in tears, literally. Living like this has been unbearable! I did the maintenance he requested in less than 12 hours and have provided proof of such to LG directly. They have acknowledged receipt of those photos. The maintenance actually made the problem worse, not better!

LG then scheduled another appointment for service with of course another week long wait time. The business day before at 5:00 PM Lawrence Baker cancelled the appointment without communication of any kind (didn't bother to ask if the maintenance was completed or not ....) I asked LG to make a new appointment with a different repair technician, they said they would. I have received emails about 2 additional appointments - both with week long wait times and both cancelled on the business afternoon before the appointment.

LG's handling of this situation is completely unacceptable. No one should give this company any additional money, that is the only one places like this change. I will never buy another LG product as they were given more than enough time to make this situation right and have chosen not to. I believe they continued to not provide the proper service as to run out the warranty time. They have stuck their head in the sand and caused me enormous suffering during an already challenging time in the world. PLEASE PLEASE buy from a more reputable company. Money talks and if they see a decrease in sales, maybe something will change!

I have already found 5 additional people with similar stories, if you find yourself in this position, please contact me, I am trying to find enough people for a class action suit.

  • Jun 3, 2020

Purchased a new LG WT7800CW top load washer. The washer is used 2 or 3 loads per week. After 6 months the washer started making strange noises when it transitioned motion. The noise was clanky, gears grinding and loose rattling.

LG response was good and a service person was here the next day. He determined the main transmission had to be replaced and ordered the parts.

I contacted LG wanting my washer replaced. After several hours, disconnects and escalating my issue to replace my washer I was at the end of their customer support process with the only option being to repair my washer. It was a complete waste of my time.

It took 3 weeks to get the part and schedule the service call. All service appointments must allow a 4 hour window for arrival and then time to make repairs. The service person disassembled my washer to determine he had the wrong part. He reassembled the washer and now it will not work. Before the service it worked but sounded like it could stop at anytime. Now I don't have a working washer and I can't wait 3 weeks to wash.

My previous experiences with this type of issue has taught me that repaired equipment rarely last as long as equipment that did not require a repair and there are inherent related problems that occur in the future due to the repairs. This has already been proven by the fact that reassembly of the washer did not result in a functioning machine. Even if it had worked there would have been problems caused by the repair. Now the chance of future problems has been exponentially increased since the repairs must be done again.

This washer should be replaced. I purchased this washer new to avoid problems.

  • Feb 23, 2020

My LG mobile phone became locked. When I contacted AT&T, they could not help and told me to contact LG. At I only got an AI Chat Bot, not a person. The Chat Bot texted instructions to me. The instructions said to power down by pressing and holding the power button but this would/did not work because the phone was locked. Then the instructions said if it will not power down, to remove and then replace the battery. When I attempte to do this, the case was cracked.

When I returned to after 2-3 tries, I finally reached a support person. She stated that the warranty is now invalid because the case is cracked. I replied that the case is cracked because LG instructed me to remove the battery. Not getting a useful solution, I asked for a supervisor.

Supervisor Mary, Employee ID 470113, basically said the same thing and would not resolve the issue.

I strongly feel that the cracked case is because of the bad instructions provided by LG and that LG should first, correct the bad instruction to prevent anyone else having the same problem and second, LG should replace my broken phone (caused by LG). I should not be punished for attempting to follow LG instructions

  • Sep 9, 2019

I purchased my new refrigerator from Sears four years ago. First of all I purchased Kenmore, not knowing it was LG!!! The ice maker did not produce ice. For 2 1/2 years they would come to repair for it to only last approx. 6 months before breaking down again. After the 3rd year a tech comes and explains that the ice maker has been recalled, it's none repairable.

Now year 4, the unit stopped cooling! They come and replace the control board because it was on recall too. Really??? Now I'm on technician visit number 6 within 2 weeks. Day after installation of new board...warm again!!! No freezer, no refrigerator. Ma'am it's your compressor. Another week for compressor to arrive, installed, nothing. The thing is warmer with new compressor. Why???!!! We are now past week 3, no refrigerator.

Sears Home Warranty won't replace because Technicians keep playing "Process of Elimination". They are not deeming it dead, therefore, we are at the mercy of diagnoses, which are still not correcting the problem, only asking that we wait more days to get more parts. Unbelievable!!! I call Sears corporate, their answering service explains that my complaint would only go to a voicemail because Sears no longer have employees. Sears Home Warranty continues to call me with hopeful remedies and not a replacement after 3 weeks.

My refrigerator died August 19th, and the tech Sears is dispatching states "Well, it's registering at 45 degrees, you should be OK with this for another week." ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!????? 45 won't keep meat, or milk and I have 2 diabetics living in my house!!! I don't want all the money I've spent in insurance to go to waste, but no one capable is able to service LG Appliances. DON'T BUY THEM!!!!! BUYERS BEWARE!!!

  • Jul 2, 2019

Our LG refrigerator is about 3 years old. We bought it at Best Buy and have had multiple issues with it including water/ice dispenser breaking and now the fridge isn’t cooling at all. After contacting LG 5 times they have not repaired our fridge or refunded any of our money.

Their customer service is beyond horrible and they don’t seem to understand the urgency of not having a working fridge. If you are considering getting a new fridge stay far away from LG, far away!

  • Jun 14, 2019

We got a new LG washer and dryer (4.2 CU. Ft. White Electric Ventless Dryer Model #DLEC888W) that was installed on April 6th. The first load through the dryer leaked water all over our hardwood floors. We called LG and they informed us that their certified repair man would come and fix it for us. After a two week wait, he spent 4 hours trying to get it fixed, then left saying it was fixed. We tried again and it leaked water all over our hardwood floors again.

We called LG back and again, they told us to call the repairman. He ordered parts, which were out of stock and took over two weeks to get here. We were not told that they were out of stock until we took the time to call LG and the service provider and ask what the delay was. Once they came, the service provider came and spent another 3 or 4 hours to install them. When he left it was still not fixed!

We called LG and our repairman and he came back one more time. He came back a 3rd time and when he left it still did not work. By now with all the attempted tries it was the 7th time that the dryer leaked water all over our floor, which is now seriously warped. Also this process had gotten us to May 13th. Over a month and no dryer!

We called LG back and were told that he would have to order parts again before they would send us a new dryer or refund us money. It is now June 15th and we still do not have a working dryer with a new born baby. LG constantly promises to call us back with updates, yet they never do. They give us new numbers constantly to call but they all go straight to a voicemail.

We have spent countless hours on the phone and continually get told that there is nothing they can do, and try and re-route us to our repairman. Meanwhile, there is only one service provider contracted with LG in our area, and he is swamped with repairs so finding times that work for him and us to be here are extremely difficult. We have had to rearrange our schedules and wait for him all day, only for him to call and say that he is running behind and is unable to make it. This is not his fault, as he is working on fixing all of LG’s numerous faulty products, but at the same time it is very frustrating when the repairs have taken over 2 months with no end date in sight.

  • May 22, 2019

I purchased the new LG 5K display in 2017 with my new Macbook Pro 15". I remember Apple had removed them for sale for a short period with the whole shielding issue. I waited to make sure I was getting one of the brand new models with new model number that had no issues. Before I ordered it I called the Apple store online to double check and verify that they had resolved all the issues.

I then paid to have the display shipped to me in Ecuador, and paid crazy shipping costs plus our ridiculous importation taxes due to the price of the display. So I have about $2,000 invested in my display and after about a month or so I noticed the image retention problem. It is more noticeable when switching between browser windows with a white background but you can clearly read text from the other workspace when you switch from one to the other.

I called Apple and the first thing they said is that they don't warranty it. Then LG basically told me I was out of luck in another country, unless you purchase it in that country. Since it is not sold and there are no Apple stores official in Ecuador, I guess that means I get screwed with this purchase.

  • Apr 11, 2019

Do NOT buy any LG products. They wont stand behind any of their products! I bought a LG G7 Thin Q cell phone $799 a few months ago, the phone started giving me an error messade of the USB charge port wont charge (it will only quick charge on a base, will not charge USB. It is really annoying that the error message keeps coming on all day with a notification. if you turn off the notification sound, it just vibrates (even if you power down, it still vibrates loud all night)

I called LG and was told to send in the phone and they will fix it, but it will take 2 weeks? How will anyone make it without a phone for 2 weeks? They told me company policy is no loner phones. I need a phone for my business! I went to sprint and was told they do not have parts for LG, only samsung and apple. Sprint said they do loaners for samsung and apple but not LG.

I will never buy another LG product! All the billions LG have and they do not give loaner phones until your phone gets fixed? They make the phones. No loaners. Cheap company with greedy executives who are only worried about their bonuses! Don't buy LG anything.

  • Jan 18, 2019

In May of 2018, I paid LG Companies $1,000 to get started as an agent providing personal loans and credit repair to people nationwide and receiving a commission per funded deal. I was told I would receive and email with system login info right after payment. I never received anything for two months.

After a series of back and forth emails about technical issues he was trying to resolve, I asked for my money back at the end of June 2018 and never received a response to this request.

This is the last email I received from Larry in October 2018: "Hadn't forgotten you Kenny l promise. Gonna do something special for you as well for your patience that I've not done before as well. It will make the training completely free to you and lifetime access to our updated training. Give me a bit more time to hash it out. "

I haven't heard from him since.

  • Jan 5, 2019

I purchased an LG 50UK6500AUA smart TV which is an absolute piece of crap. After a tedious and unintuitive setup process which did not initially work for DirecTV ( I had to enter several different codes to find the correct one for the TV) In order to use the Google Assistant feature which is a prime selling point of this TV, you have to purchase a separate Magic Remote.

The remote that comes with the TV does not have the Google Assistant functionality. I believe that this is false advertising leading the consumer to think that they are purchasing a device that has the ability to function as advertised. No where is it stated on the box, the limited instruction manual, or the advertising material that you have to purchase a separate Magic Remote for the television to work as advertised.

I had previously purchased an LG washer and dryer which also had SmartThinQ features which were totally useless. I think I've learned my lesson now: no more LG products for me.

  • Nov 15, 2018

Purchased a supposed "5 Star Rated” $3000 French Door LG Refridgerator 1-1/2 years ago. It died 3 weeks ago !!! I checked online and to my surprise the internet is literally flooded with complaints about the very same thing!! LG refrigerators dying after only 1 or 1-1/2 years!

My refrigerator now shows online that it only has at best a 2 star rating and there are numerous class action lawsuits filed against LG because of these refrigerator failures. Needless to say we lost all our food. I contacted LG to have it repaired. The repairman arrived 2 days later after a new compressor and dryer line and filter was delivered via FedEx.

The technician shared with me that all LG inverter compressors have a flaw involving a spring that fails. Upon researching the model number of the new compressor he was installing it turns out it is a compressor made for Whirlpool and Kenmore refrigerators! So LG is replacing their crappy compressors with a Whirlpool compressor !!

When he was done , the tech told us that the Refridgerator would need 24-48 hours to start cooling and maybe 72hrs to start making ice! Well, days went by and NOTHING! The unit was not properly cooling at all and we lost food yet again!!!

They took 3 more days to send out another Tech who had not been informed of anything and had no idea that all major components had already been replaced and that a tech had already been there. He actually arrived with yet another compressor and components.

Once he realized everything had already had been done and that the unit was still not working he asked to take a picture of our purchase receipt from BestBuy showing our $3000 purchase price to submit to corporate fit a 5 working day "review”. Well , that was last Tuesday and today is Thursday of the following week and not a single word from LG.

Meanwhile I’ve lost my food twice, I’ve missed 2 days of work and STILL DONT HAVE A WORKING FRIDGE!!! When you contact the LG customer service number for the "U.S.” you get a call center in India with people that are wonderfully trained to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO BE OF HELP or give one single straight clear answer.

They just read the same pre prepared scripts over and over again. Today’s call informed me that it would now take 7 to 10 business days to get me a reply !!!! Not a solution , just a reply!! MEANWHILE, I STILL DONT HAVE A FRIDGE!!!

At this point am very seriously considering reaching out to the local media to inform the public of the huge problem that LG is having with their refrigerators worldwide and how they do not address it in a timely fashion at all nor do they provide anything that even remotely resembles true customer service.

I am also seriously considering joining one of the many ongoing class action lawsuits against LG that you can easily Google. It is amazing the millions of dollars that these huge companies spend in advertising when the best advertising is a HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!

Have you ever seen a tv commercial for Ferrari? No you haven’t ... you know why? BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE TO!! STAY AWAY FROM LG !!! I will keep you posted .

  • Apr 10, 2018

Back panel iced up and would not cool the food, service retrofitted a new upper back panel. Ice maker jammed and leaked water running down front of fridge door. now showing RUST. Panel froze up again, service replaced lower back panel , door seal defective 4th service replaced. finally on 6th year anniversary it completely quit. Only thing working are the lights. 6 calls later to some Philippine customer service and on hold for several HOURS combined, 3 rejections for service. Philippine customer service people refused to give me their names. They approved a service call. They are supposed to email with approval tomorrow. Whether they do or not I am calling my legal firm to see if I can file a suit for damages. nothing

  • Sep 28, 2017

On September 13, 2017, I was sitting in the floor using my LG G Pad X 10.1 tablet like normal. Our floors are covered with carpet and we have rugs in front of our chairs like some people have, normal. We have owned this tablet since May 04, 2017 and have had no problems out of it.

This night, I just started up a game Beat Fever and I had to turn the tablet from landscape to portrait mode. When I did this, it slipped out of my hands and landed on the floor. When I picked it up, the back had popped off a little bit and I noticed the screen had a crack running down the screen. This was not the only crack, it actually has about four cracks.

I turned the screen back on to make sure that it was still working but when I ran my hand across the screen I could feel a chunk of the screen missing. I was sitting in the floor not more than six inches from the carpeted and rug covered floor, dropped the tablet on its side and it landed face down and shattered the screen?

I have dropped this tablet accidentally on my linoleum bathroom floor and nothing happened to it.

Why did it take dropping it on carpeted floor to crack the screen? We are thinking there is a certain pressure point inside the tablet that caused it to shatter the screen when it hits just right.

Anyways, I contacted LG that night. I was told it would run 50-150 to repair this as its not covered under their warranty. Lg is claiming in the report that they sent back to the BBB that:

Defects or damages from abnormal use, abnormal conditions, improper storage, exposure to moisture or dampness, unauthorized

modifications, unauthorized connections, unauthorized repair, misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, alteration, improper installation, or other acts which are not the fault of LG, including damage caused by shipping, blown fuses, spills of food or liquid

Apparently I used the tablet in an abnormal condition? Carpeted floor? Really LG? I normally buy LG products because they are built solid and are a lot cheaper than Samsung or Apple and work just as well.

This time however I was sadly mistaken. How can a tablet survive a fall from about five feet on a bathroom floor, but can't survive a fall on a carpet/rug covered floor six inches from the ground? I say six inches, could have been less not exactly sure. Those are just my measurements.

LG is standing beside their POS warranty that is basically ridiculous. Most tablets when they break. the screen cracks or shatters in some way and that is what the majority of people need to get fixed. Yet this is not included in their warranty and from what I can tell, I will have to pay shipping to LG and repair costs and shipping back to me as well.

This is insane. This is a 200 tablet. If it costs 10 dollars to ship it out, then another 150 to fix it and say 10 bucks to ship it back to me, I could have bought another tablet and in some cases 2 tablets for that price. I have contacted LG without any luck, they are not even offering me the option to send me a refurbished tablet or preowned tablet in place of this one. I have heard many companies do this to cut the costs of the repair down to the consumer.

Taken from LG V930 Manual:

LG will, at its sole option, either repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any unit that is covered under this limited warranty. LG may choose at its option to use functionally equivalent re-conditioned, refurbished or new units or parts or any units. In addition, LG will not re-install or back-up any data, applications or software that you have added to your device. It is therefore recommended that you back-up any such data or information prior to sending the unit to LG to avoid the permanent loss of such information.

I was not using the tablet in any abnormal manner. I was not using the tablet in some abnormal condition. I was using it like any normal person who likes to sit in the floor and play on a tablet would use it.

They are not working with me any way at all. I can't afford to put out another 200 in repairs on a tablet like this, yet I watched the video on Youtube that shows clearly how to fix it. There is no way that 10 minute job should cost us 150 bucks. Or 50-150 bucks. I could see it costing the price of the replacement LCD and digitizer which on Ebay runs about 35 bucks.

That I could see paying for, I don't see how companies are allowed to get away with this kind of operation.

I have had products through Samsung before and was told to just take it back to the store. This was bought from ATT. I can't just take it back, because its after their 14 day return policy. It is basically a fancy paperweight right now. We can use it for Netflix if you constantly flip the screen to touch things in the area that is cracked. If you have to sign up for anything or type an email out, you are screwed.

I just feel like this company should stand behind their products. A tablet should not have a cracked screen in the fall that happened that night. I told them, I could understand if I had taken it outside and drop kicked it off the front porch. I didn't however. It fell out of my hands onto the rug that I was sitting on, that was on top of the carpet.

  • Sep 22, 2017

Week of Sept. 11, 2017 I turned on my tv to two blobs on the screen. Called LG they told me to call tv repair company. Had TV repair out and they told me it was a failed panel in the tv. Contacted back LG on Sept 14, 2017, manager approved to give me an extended warranty and take care of the new part and I would take care of labor. 6 days later on the 20th a new manager said they would not help me. Told me LG does not offer parts for repairs (found out this was a lie). Also that the letter P in my model number of my tv (OLED65B6P) meant that I worked at Best Buy and received a employee discount and they do not commit to warranties for employees of Best Buy. I went to Best Buy, confirmed I received no such discount and that I was lied to by LG about the letter P, it is simply just my model number. Called back LG and spoke to Executive Customer Relations Manager Makka. She had no care or remorse for what I had gone through with the employees under her. Defended her manager Donald with the lies he told me. Again tried to tell me that LG does not cover parts ever for customers and refused to help me or to follow through with the first managers decision to help me with extended warranty and provide a new panel. I understand my TV was 60 days outside the 1 year warranty, but I paid almost $5,000 for this TV. Was told LG was the best.....the least LG could do was what they originally verified what they were going to do for me and that was provide me with a new panel for it. The new panel costs $2,100. Found out I can purchase my same TV now for $2,500......LG lied to me, tried to manipulate me, then their Executive Manager showed no care or concern for a consumer and acted like the Manager Donald that told me the lies didn't do anything wrong. This is ridiculous.......

  • Sep 19, 2017

Purchased an LG dishwasher, and although it is under warranty, LG has given us a run around in an effort to repair the unit.

We have been two months without a working dishwasher, which incidentally cost us about $1,000 a little more than a year ago. We were told we need a "display" and a "main board," both of which are on back order without a date in which they will repair it. When probbing, we are told they won't get one of the parts until October 25th at the earliest.

In order for LG to cover the parts and service under warranty, they insist we use their service contractors, all of which don't follow through with placing the order for parts or scheduling service.

LG operates like a complete scam, as I have noticed there are several other people posting similar issues with LG not honoring their warranty.a Perhaps we also need to send a complaint to the FTC to get LG to honor their warranty! Honestly, they induce their customers to purchase by porviding a one-to-two year warranty, then play stalling tactics and games with the suckered customers until the warranty expires. These are criminals posing as a legitmate company and should refund our purchase price if they cannot provide the parts to their own products, schedule timely repair service, or replace the defective product. These crooks need to be shut down!

  • Aug 31, 2017

Stay away from LG products! We bought a top loading washing machine WT1101C Sept. 2014. The transmission/pulsator (part # AEN73131403) broke off completely in the middle of August 2017, not even three years later. Called LG and spoke to Christine D. who assured us it would all be covered and therefore scheduled someone from Mr. Appliance (who they obviously contract with) to take a look. He looked at it for about a minute, said it was broken (really??), said we had no authorization for repair, said it would cost $479 in addition to his service call of $89.95. We called LG back and talked to Jasun Watwood who informed us that Christine D. was wrong to say it would be covered and said they would cover only labor and that only the motor is guaranteed. Will never buy any of their products again. This machine cost about $640 plus accessories (plus the recent 89.95) and we expected it to last much much longer with normal use of one wash 5-7 times per week. No way would we give them any additional money so just ordered a different major brand for another $579. Disgusted.

  • Aug 9, 2017

Public Announcement: RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM LG ELECTRONICS USA- The Federal Trade Commission is allowing this company to continue to RIP -OFF AMERICANS. The worst appliances & customer service, unless you enjoy speaking to people in over-seas call centers who have no ability to do anything nor can you understand them. Then pay almost $600.00 in labor. LG Electronics USA knows they have defective compressors in their refrigerators yet they continue their billion dollar marketing in the USA but refuse to fix the horrific quality of their refrigerators that look nice but are cheap, expensive garbage. Do not be fooled by their 10 years compressor warranty- You still are fully responsible to pay for the service company diagnostics then they come back for the repair & set their own fees in which LG has no say nor do they care how much these companies rip you off because they know they got you.

Read what thousands of LG customer ( victims )with the same complaints at the better Business Bureau & Consumer Affairs websites are stating.

My new LG Refrigerator model # LSXS26366S is dead cannot be repaired, $200 food thrown away, a Sin- LG does nothing then after my 7th call over 4 days they send over a repair company in an old 1970 truck they do not even accept credit cards only cash like a highway robbery. $189.00 for the diagnosis. This is their only "Authorized " company in a major city. NEVER BUY LG unless you like extortion. 17 days & counting- no refrigerator in 107 degree weather. They refuse to expedite any parts an the one that “May” fix my refrigerator was back ordered in Korea it finally came in, the repair company said it too was defective & they had to re-order another back ordered compressor that is not going to be released for another week.

LG Knows they have defective compressors just read reviews below from a few of hundreds of customers.

Read what other customers are saying at abut LG Electronics USA at Consumer Affairs:

LG does not care about the customer only the money.

If your major retail store is selling LG appliances you are very aware you are ripping off the public.

Run as fast as you can away from any LG Appliance.

  • Jul 20, 2017

I purchased an LG G5 phone throught my local verizon store with a manufacturer rebate of $250. The phone was more expensive than the Samsungs I previously had and liked; however, would have been less expensive than the rebate. I submitted my claim through on January 23rd (well within the 30 days I had to submit a claim). I received a confirmation email "thanking me" for submitting my claim and informing me to allow 10-12 weeks to process. When I never received my rebate, I called to follow up. At which point, they informed me that my claimn was denied because I submitted a PO Box as my address and that there was nothing she could do since the rebate period had closed. What a SCAM. Looks like I wasn't the first victim of LG and their fraudulant rebates. They also claim they emailed me saying the claim was denied. However, the only email I ever received was my email confirmation. I will NEVER buy LG again. As a side note, I bought brand new LG washer and dryers a few years ago, and the washing machine broke right outside of warranty. #LG Sucks

  • Jul 15, 2017

Four years ago I purchased an LG Art Cool LAN180HSV2 ductless mini split system backed by a 5-year warranty. Sounds good right? Except that this unit has been repaired 5 times and now it's broken again, leaking oily freon down my interior wall. My HVAC company said there's nothing more he can do, declared it dead, and recommended I replace the entire unit.

I contacted LG, who required a Jobsite Report form to be completed in order to escalate the issue. I had my HVAC company come out for the 6th time, perform the test (for another $180). After submitting my claim I waited 5 weeks with no response from LG. So I called them for an update. I was informed that they have decided not to honor a replacement because my HVAC company didn't request enough troubleshooting help, that he only requested replacement parts each time he called.

LG said that they would only honor a new coil, that again I would have to pay labor to replace.

I've already spent more money on repair service than I originally paid for the unit iteslf. I cannot continue to keep fixing and dumping even money into a 4 year old lemon.

Thanks LG! What a way to stand behind your products and treat your customers!

  • Jul 14, 2017

I recently was in the market for a new washer and dryer and after a lengthy talk to my local sales agent and viewing many lg commercials regarding there New LG Signature washer and sidekick washer and matching dryer and pedestal. I was determined to get this set for my home. Even though I'm on a fixed income like most Americans I determined to get this set. So when I saw they where offering a rebate on the set I was even more determined to purchase it. The rebates states purchase the washer and sidekick washer and the dryer and matching pedestal between 12/21/16- 4/12/17 and you'll receive a $500 prepaid Visa gift card back. Must be Post Marked no later then 5/12/2017 in order to qualify for the rebate. I did all of the following. Only thing is I Purchased my dryer and pedestal on one transaction and I purchased my washer and sidekick on another transaction but was sure the both done before the deadlines so boldly explained by the sales agent and in bold on the rebate form.

Once my products where in and installed I rushed to get the form completed with the the serial numbers and model numbers of all four units along with my proof of purchase in the mail. To insure it would be post marked and delivered prior to rebates deadlines to make sure I received my $500 prepaid Visa get card back. At least then I could kind of justify making such a expensive purchase for a washer and dryer set. Only to be told by LG rebate center at 1-877-333-9203 that my rebate would not be honored based on a technicality that my items where rung out on two different receipts on two different days. I argued with the rebate agent wait where dose it say that they must be purchased on the same day. I surely would have just saved and purchased them all at once if I would they would not honor it because of that. I said they are aware this is almost like purchasing a small used car. I'm not asking for people to bend the rules but when your company offers a rebate and clearly states the time frame in which the required models must be purchased it shouldn't matter if I purchased them from four different retailers on four different dates as long as they where New items within your time frame and not store specific rebate offers.

I have never written a formal complaint are started a class action suit or anything to that matter but now will be looking into doing so. If this matter is not resolved I will make it my mission to inform everyone of my experience with LG thus far and do my best to convince anyone I know shopping for whatever kind of item to buy any thing other then LG products. I feel I was scammed. If anyone has any suggestions about this matter please post them. Lastly, I know that I'm only one person and my couple of thousands dollars purchase doesn't amount to much in comparison to the amount of money people spend with The LG corporation daily but it dose matter to me. And should matter to them that we take are hard earned money and decide to purchase there products. So I plan to fight this. Do not purchase LG products.

  • Apr 18, 2017

I recently had my LG 50 inch model #50LB6100 start flickering. It shows a blank screen and will buzz in and out to the source. I cant even pull up the menu on the T.V. Now I called the place i bought it from and they said the manufacturers warranty was up by 1 year. This T.V cost me close to $600.00 brand new, So i figure i might as well get if fixed it shouldnt be that much. Well i called the manufacturer and they told me there service plan is $244.00 and that covers them "diagnosing" the t.v and if it needed parts that would be covered to an extent. I figured i might just call the local LG authorized in fixing this thing. I did, I told him what the T.V was doing and he said,"weve seen this alot before with this model its some part that is going to cost you $550 to replace it". So i called LG back and asked them if the part the servicemen was covered under there $244.00 repair plan and the lady told me "no you will have to pay for that part + $244.00 and it would be fixed.

So total spent on TV $600,+244.00 'LG Service" + the $500.00 part = $1,344.00. So basically It would be cheaper to buy a new one. Just not the same brand. I have a Westinghouse T.V that is about 10 years old, It is still working perfectly fine the picture is even nicer than the LG. The customer service representitive told me that "we are not responsible for any HUMAN ERROR. Well I can tell you one thing is A) This TV is not a Hand made peice of art B)Im pretty sure a human did not install anything on this T.V except the screws. C) LG makes one horrible TV and for them to say it was a human error and they are not liable for that, Im out of luck, With a giant LG paper weight sitting in my living room now. When buying a T.V Do Not buy LG they clearly make horrible T.Vs, Dont be afraid of the T.V if it is a weird brand like Westinghouse, odds are my T.V would have still be working if, the salesman would have said dont worry about breaking the bank on this P.O.S when you can get one that might be an off brand but does the same exact job i would buy it instead. As far as LG i think there company is destined to fail if they are producing tvs that break right after the warranty is up. These TV's are clearly a rip off.

  • Jan 18, 2017

I was at a Microcenter store looking for a new TV. I found a LG TV I liked. I called LG customer service while at the store and asked if the TV has an ambient light sensor. The LG representative said it did, so I bought the TV. I contacted LG customer service again which gave me the run-around for hours. One of the LG reps even refused to get a manager.

I gave up and e-mailed LG executives. Over a week later, they finally responded that all they will do is take the TV back for a refund. LG lied about the TV having the feature I wanted. Instead of wasting more of my time, they need to do what is right--send me a TV that has the feature they promised my TV had. Jarrod Gandy with LG refuses to rectify the issue.


I was at Microcenter, an electronics retail store, today searching for a new TV. I called LG from the store (at 800-243-0000 on 1/5/17 at 1:10PM). I asked LG if the UH556030 TV had an ambient light sensor. He asked what that meant. I replied that the brightness of the screen would automatically adjust depending on lighting in the room. He replied, “Yes…The TV will dim if it becomes dark in the room.” Perfect, that’s what I was looking for, so I bought the TV.

I got it home and couldn’t find the feature. I started a web chat with LG. It said I was in que. I waited for a couple of hours, but no representative came on. I kept trying over and over until finally it worked hours later. The chat agent said that feature is the energy saving feature (see below). He informed me it should be on “auto.” “Auto” isn’t an option.

Ronald: Let me look it up the specs on the TV

Ronald: It is the ENERGY SAVING feature

Ronald: This reduces power consumption by adjusting peak screen brightness.

Ronald: When set at AUTO :

Ronald: TV sensor detects the ambient lighting and automatically adjusts the screen brightness

Ronald: That is the one I am referring to earlier

Ronald: the ENERGY SAVING feature

William McMullin: The only options for energy saving is "off," "minimum," "medium," "maximum," or "screen off."

Ronald: There is a note in the USER GUIDE

Ronald: This feature is available in some models only

Ronald: So we have no information in our end if your TV has that features

Finally, the chat agent said the TV may not have the feature:

Ronald: William, probably the TV cannot detect or sense any changes on the light.

A secondary issue is that I can log into my LG account using [email protected] just fine on LG’s website, but it says invalid login when I try to log in through my LG TV.

LG needs to rectify the situation with the light sensor not working or possibly feature not on the TV. If the phone representative lied about the feature, I will be pretty livid.

  • Dec 30, 2016

I purchased a $1,000 LG front-loading washer in 2010. Two years ago, it began to rust around the receptacle in which you add detergent, bleach and fabric softener. The rust has spead so widely around the entire receptacle area and under the top of the machine that I actually put my finger through it! I am told this is a "cosmetic" problem, even though rust flakes spill into the recptacle cups after each wash and I have rust stains all over my clothes.

I have written and called the company repeatedly, including a PR manager. Each time, I was told that this is a cosmetic problem and not covered under my extended warranty. The last time I called, in September 2016 to renew my extended warranty, I was told this type of warranty cannot be renewed again because of the age of the machine.

Be that as it may, I bought this pricey machine to replace a perfectly good 1980s Whirlpool washer that had come with the house.

Never once did the old machine rust.

I have babied my LG washer, rarely using bleach and, when I do, using a funnel to put a bleach-water mixture in the receptacle so it will not come in contact with the metal. I air out the machine between uses to prevent mildewy gaskets. I have not done anything to warrant this extensive rust problem and can only guess that it is a design flaw.

I am so disappointed that a very expensive machine that is barely seven years old is rusting so badly and ruining my clothes. I want this washer replaced by the comapny or a new top put on free of charge.

  • Jul 23, 2016

LG knowingly sells NEW defective TVs.

They will (may) repair during the one year warranty, if your TV fails within the first year; otherwise, you have a piece of junk to be thrown out. I purchased three new TVs from LG. Two failed within one year, the third failed after one year. LG new all would fail; but, they hedge their bet that they will fail after one year. They use known defective parts that do not last the 'standard life expectency'. To verify these claims, just search for all the numerous complaints and lawsuits against LG.

It's not just TVs.

I have an LG computer monitor that was so cheaply built that the circuit boards are TAPED to the back of the LCD screen. Yes, no bracket, no screws, just a piece of tape!

Warranty NOT honored.

I have an LG external DVD drive which failed in less than one year, still under warranty. LG told me they would replace it since it was under warranty. After waiting for a replacement, which never showed up, I called them again. LG now said they would not honor the warranty because I did not buy the device directly from them (I purchased from an online retailer, which they were aware of during my initial call. So they changed their mind after the fact, without informing me).

I will never buy anything made by LG.

  • Jan 6, 2016

I purchased a new LG refrigerator refrigerator from a company in New York. It was sent to my house, no damages on shipper container.

I put in my house, and from day 1, the ice maker never has worked.

Lg electronics was called and on 5 different services calls, by 2 different appliance repair companies who replaced everything new that had to do with the ice maker, including replacing the mother board to the refrigerator. Over a period of 5 months from when the refrigerator was new, all these services calls failed to fix the refrigerator ice maker.

LG Electronics states they stand behind there products. I do not believe this statement. I believe that they will do nothing, I'm just one customer and they are a big company.

LG Electronics will never get my business again. This experience with the company has taught me that LG Electronics does not stand behind there products and just keeps doing the same thinks over and over again and expecting a different result.

  • Dec 12, 2015

I contacted the LG service department in November about my microwave not working...The Magnetron the device that heats the food is warranted for 10 yrs. i purchased my microwave on 2/25/06. It is still under warranty for that part but not the service call. they scheduled a service man to come out and the day before he called and said the part was no longer available and someone would contact me. after 2 wks and several calls on Dec 10 a supervisor called and said he was to

offer me $5.00 for my compensation. He told me would give me $39.44 TOTAL. i said this is not acceptable a service call

fee is $165.00 to repair the microwave. i think they should compensate me in a more reasonable way since the part is warranted for 10yrs and that warranty is not up yet. they refuse to do anything else for me

  • Nov 24, 2015

LG G4 is the worst phone EVER! – Do not Buy LG!!!

I am STUCK with the worst phone humanly possible. Battery life last about an hour (UNACCEPTABLE) with any phone! Sometimes it won’t charge at all, it heats up under no duress, just sitting. UGGG! Screen Freezes. One side of my phone creates a scramble and gets stuck in that mode. While texting the letters get stuck and stop working. If I am not looking at my screen while typing, I end up with either nothing or a jumbled mess. Connectivity is the slowest I have ever seen, even more so than dial up. Calls are dropped constantly, the lighting on the display keeps re-adjusting itself. The phone re-sets the ring volume on its own. Sometimes I’m notified of text sometimes not. Wi-Fi calling turns itself on and off, Bluetooth connectively works occasionally, and sometime there mic cuts on and off.

I was recently told that this phone has been recalled BUT I can't get a new phone. No one at Sprint seems to mention this when shopping around for a phone. I am STUCK with an LG until I pay it off! “Plus I must pay Sprint $75 right now and start over with the same phone .All this after spending almost $700 for the phone. So not only is Sprint getting over so is LG. UNACCEPTABLE! Initially I called about the phone and it had only been 17days.

Now I am at 2 months and the phone is just getting worse. I was told I missed the cut off for returning the phone. I can't believe LG can get away with this. After dealing with Sprint and their unwillingness to show good faith I contacted LG. The customer service was the worst and they were unwilling to accommodate me. Instead I have to send it off to service and go without for 9 days or pay up. This is not good business practice. Very unhappy customer and everyone I know will be informed not to buy LG. They have lost a customer for Life!!!

  • Aug 24, 2015

On 07/26/2015 I sent my son's LG G3 to LG for warranty repairs. The phone was received on 07/28/2015 and signed for by: HTHANG. The phone was not logged in to the Repair Tracker program. When I contacted the company at the end of the week they started the 'Locate Package' process and told me to call back in three days. When I called back I had to go through the same lengthy process of explaining (and getting them to understand) that I sent my son's phone, when they received it, that I already knew it was lost, and that I wanted it found or replaced. They said they would 'Escalate' the Locate Package and please call back in 2 days. I had to send a copy of the original phone purchase receipt and it was one week and 3 phone calls later when they claimed they couldn't read the date on the receipt.

I've been making these calls for over 2 weeks now. I have 5 of the calls still logged in the history on my phone since the 11th of August. I spend more time on hold than talking to a person. I have spoken to people who claimed to be supervisors and received the same brush off. This type of treatment is easy to get away with when your customer service is in another country. Even with the language barrier they know there's not much I can do to force them to replace the phone.

I am still making payments on the lost phone. I forgot to mention the phone I sent to LG was the warranty phone that AT&T sent to replace the original, brand new phone that had problems. The warranty phone had even more glitches.

I've called the police and the Attorney General. They both say it is a civil case. If I file it in small claims court it will cost somewhere between $175 and $200 to file the suit and pay to have LG served. That's if I can figure out who to name in the suit.

Since it's being warrantied, I can't file it as an insurance claim. Here's what I can do: I can warn everyone not to purchase LG mobile phones and if you already have one and it needs warranty work, send it in to the carrier. Even if they don't get it right the first time, if LG loses it your carrier will probably replace it.

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