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Lenovo Partner Network

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Morrisville
Address 1009 Think PL
Phone 1-877-536-9955

Lenovo Partner Network Reviews

  • Jan 12, 2022

I have contacted Lenovo customer care service 12-15 times, but they do not resolve my issue even, I even want to talk with a supervisor, but they do not want me to talk with the supervisor. Every time I call them, they do not instruct me. What to do with my problems, I have the experience to use high-end gaming pc almost 14 years, but they think I am an idiot.

My problem is some portion of the display is not workable, even I change windows 10 to 11, but the same problem. My laptop does not start sometimes.

  • Jan 23, 2017

Hello, In 2013, I applied for relocation paid work as an FCC-GROL w/Radar Endorsement Lifetime Licensee when I moved back to Pennsylvania from North Carolina with IBM, Lenovo & others that wound up not relocation paid at all. I told Lisa or Lori Rodriguez that I accepted another sales job with ADP (didn't get a packet or training for them or IBM). Ms./Mrs. Rodriguez stated that I was being hired for sales, I asked how much did it pay per hour, she stated that the job was fully on commission from sales made. I told Ms./Mrs. Rodriguez thank you but I was moving back to NC. Ms./Mrs. Rodriguez explained that the position was with The Lenovo Partner Network, and that sales are done online & that I would be receiving a packet with the website information and my email address for The LPN in the mail. When I got back to NC, nothing came from Lenovo. I didn't receive my packet until 2015 after purchasing my first Lenovo PC, and was sent a PC I didn't order, but works great! I input 3 people whom work in healthcare and IT, later in September 2015, they changed, and told all partners we could nominate 30 others per week or month, I would need to check my email folders to be fully correct on whether per week or month.

After having my credit destroyed, due to having to fill out The Lenovo PDP/SPIFF Program Credit Card Application through Comenity Bank, expecting a credit card without credit check as the Lenovo Partner Packet stated, I awaited for The LPN site changes before I input anyone into Lenovo Leads as nominations. On Valentine's Day February 14th, 2016, I input educational, healthcare & government facilities for nominations, along with Walmart, HSN, CDW, Tiger Direct, Verizon, AT&T, U.S. Cellular, T-Mobile, Target, and many other companies into Lenovo Leads as nominations for The Lenovo Partner Network (The LPN), after calling these companies & researching the government jobs to find out if they sold Lenovo Products and Services, which they didn't.

After contacting The LPN numerous times about my nominations as The LPN EBA(External Business Administrator whom everyone is to contact for rebates and incentives) I was told that my nominations were already customers, and emailing corporate I got no response from Chris Frey or Sammy Kinlaw. Customers whether past or present are not partners, and partners are to contact me, The LPN EBA, for their rebates and incentives, yet to this day I have received no money from The LPN or Lenovo, but their stock has done great since I have been advertising for them the site which is to be for me to use, but isn't due to in-house cracking and hacking by Lenovo!

I have reported the rip-offs about Lenovo/The LPN and GoDaddy(whom I merged The LPN site into my GoDaddy Premium Cash Parking Domain and few other domains they ripped me off for as well, since August 2014) to the BBB, FTC & CFPB to get no response via postal mail. With most coding applications and sites using Google or Mozilla, which is not secure, because it is Open Source and not an OS(Operating System) like Edge, Microsoft and iOS, which means anything can be cracked, hacked and tapped via VoIP! Please have an IT Attorney contact me, whom works on contingency fee basis? Thank you! Mr. Glennell Burnette

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