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Lenovo Reviews

  • Oct 1, 2022

Purchased Smart Performance, but after scan is run, it shows to purchase Smart Performance to fix. I contacted the phone number shown on the email Purchase Confirmation, then they transfer me to Technical, then the connection is lost. Si I call Tech, but after waiting a ridulous five minutes and minutes wasting away on mobele phone, I disconnected.

Then I create support ticket that was never replied to. Lastly I email screenshot of Purchase Confirmation to customer service. They want the actual invoice. That is a scam as there is no invoice, as the Purchase Confirmation is the follow up to the invoice. So they ignore me too.

My opinion of Lenovo is that they are absolutely horrible at customer support. Their computer is terribbly horrible as it is slow, browsers and apps are slow in opening and closing. Mu suggestion is to not buy their junk!

  • Jan 25, 2022

We got a laptop about 10months ago and recently the hinges started falling apart resulting to a crack in the screen. Sent it to them and they want to charge me 300 dollars to fix it saying the warranty doesn’t cover it. I think they do this to scam people into buying accidental insurance.

  • Oct 4, 2021

Wooow Lenovo is shady!! I tried to Google their complaints online, it looks like these nerds have spent a lot of time hiding themselves from the internet. Just do 5 minutes of research and you see half the planet complaining about them. I called their customer service with a software issue, 45 minutes wait and they transfer me to hardware lolol.

Rudest most obnoxious customer service computer woman ever. I know all you computer people think the rest of us who don't have C programming skills are stupid, but literally everything. "Can you find the serial number" "ma'am isn't it in computer info?" "Oh my god", "this is the hardware department, there's hardware and software" you know idiot I understand what hardware is! Like seriously I'm just so annoyed that I get really quiet and then say as patiently as I am able "can you please just transfer me to software so I can get help", and the lady "transfers" by putting me on hold and hanging up.

Like seriously my office was down all day due to this computer issue, you guys suck. Don't try and hide your shady crap from the web, I'm writing you up on rip off report, you earned it! (Don't believe me just google these people!)

  • Oct 21, 2020

Please save your money and avoid Lenovo, bought a Lenovo Yoga C940. I wish I hadn't bought this. It was delivered to me August 28th, and now on October 22nd less than 2 months later it's completely useless. It worked this morning and when I went to use it again a few minutes later couldn't get it to power on just the black screen of death. I thankfully bought the warranty, so a technician is coming out someday to fix it, since the troubleshooting didn't work.

They are mailing me a new motherboard before they will even schedule the visit, super helpful to be without a laptop while they figure out how to resolve this issue. They are charging me $99 even with the warranty I bought to look at this piece of crap. I needed this computer for online college and now I am forced into paying to get it fixed even though I bought the warranty and this laptop has been babied since I got it.

It sits on a desk in my office and has not been moved much, manhandled, exposed to water or anything that would explain why my $1,600 laptop is now a giant useless paperweight.

  • Feb 16, 2020

I ordered three Refurbished ThinkPad P73 on the official Lenovo Outlet store in early February and received the packages one week later. However, totally wrong items were sent by Lenovo; the received units were ThinkPad P1, while the packaging list still showed ThinkPad P73.

I contacted Lenovo right after received the wrong items, and was told that a member of their order management team would connect me to send me the correct items. However, after waiting for a whole week, there was no any update. I had to contact Lenovo again, and was told that they cannot provide replacement and can only provide full refund.

I wasted a lot of time to contact Lenovo representatives and no meaningful solution was provided, instead of keeping on reiterating the same words. I want the correct items, not the refund, this is why I placed the orders in the first place. I felt I was fooled. It was really really frustrating. Lenovo's customer service just cannot provide any meaningful support, except wasting time of their frustrated customers.

For me, this is the second time in less than three months with regard to wrong item being sent by Lenovo. I placed an order in last November, but, after a whole month of waiting, received a unit with wrong condition (order was for New, received Refurbished) and wrong spec (order was for 4k touch OLED screen, but received 4k non-touch screen). Lenovo refused to replace with the correct one.

After another month of endless and useless communication with Lenovo's representatives, I finally had to give up and accept it with a small amount of compensation rewards, because the model is still the same and the wrong spec is only the screen. Never expected to have the same, even worse experience in such a short time frame. Deals on their official store look more and more like scams.

Shopping experience at Lenovo is way worse than other manufactures. For comparison, I had an order on Dell Outlet also in last Nov and the item was also refurbished. The item I received was imperfect and I asked for replacement; later on, though not very soon, Dell provided me a replacement and even better that the replacement unit has a better spec than my order, as a compensation.

I do not ask for better spec or whatever compensation from Lenovo, I just want the correct items being shipped for my orders, which is the obligation and very basic commitment that Lenovo, being such a big company, should provide to their customers. I searched online, just figured out that I am not the single victim.

  • Jul 13, 2018

Never Buy Lenovo ideamate. Especially never buy anything from Nice computers Srinagar. He gave me a laptop for INR 85000, approx $1500 which does not work well. He has a lenovo agent working at his office who confused me and I got a bad laptop and lost my money. I presumed he was a sales man but later found that he is working on Lenovo payroll.

I tried for refunds with Lenovo, but the said company does not acknowledge refunds. They are sending sloppy laptops and are their are keyboard, scroll, memory, anti-glare, display issues in the laptops they supply. I am surprised to see how a laptop with 12 GB Ram with Core i7 processor and nVidia card does not run a simple game or any software like andriod studio.

Kindly take care of your money and never trust the Nice computers or you have no mistake but to repent like me.

  • Jan 20, 2018

Lenovo's slogarn reaally should be "but, you misunderstand - this is your fault." Even when it is not they will proceed as if it is. Currently they have me blacked from Facebook so I have no choice but to post my cautionary tale on every consumer website I can find. Here I start with one of the very best. Donald I'm sure there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands who share your discontent. I've had extensive experience with DELL and LENOVO customer service and am confident now that they don't give a fig about customers - truckloads of cash are coming in from their business accounts, so the individual customer is no big concern to them. One of the two mentioned above, went so far as to lie to get out of repairing under warranty claiming a spill on the keyboard. Why do I expect it's a lie? I am with myself all day long, and would know if I spilled something. I didn't. I live alone, no one else used that laptop, and I don't use it at work where I have a locked private office, anyway.

To Lenovo's credit they repaired my 910 but it broke soon after they sent it back. They did offer to repair it again but what's the point? I need a computer I can trust. The machine has a serious "plugged in not charging" design flaw and once it's dead, it's gone, unless it goes back to the repair depot. Look on the web, you'll see and don't buy the stuff about easy fixes. I tried them all and the "novo" button doesn't do anything which must be how it got its name. Because Lenovo computers are superb, when they work, I gave them the befit of a doubt and ordered the 920. They took my money fast enough, but no one would get me the machine! The customer service problem is systemic. Lenovo failed me in two different countries and I expect there would have been more. The same is true with DELL. From the web you can get a list Facebook sites and post there. I posted on every one of them where it came to DELL, in addition to consumer sites. I haven't decided yet if I will do that with Lenovo.

I have, however, decided upon the title for my next consumer review. Dell and "Lenovo’s Point of View on Customer Service: No, you See It's Your Fault". Have a look at the instant messages. All these customer reps are "trained to say, don't worry I will help you," then of course, they don't. Watch Lenovo’s Joe keep throwing responsibility back at me for their mistake. "I need to do this, I need to do that" I don't even know why they have these departments. There should just be a message that says "if you're calling for help, please know none will be forthcoming. Thank you for your interest in Dell and/or Lenovo. Oh yes, in conclusion, please see my conversation with Lenovo representative Joe. Joe: Hi Donald, the payment will have been pre-authorized, although as it was not completed, you should soon see the payment cancelled with your bank. If not, please can you send me a screen shot of the transaction on your card statement, I can then follow up with our US team. Please email the screen shot to [email protected] Thank you, Joe, Donald: Joe, the idea was to get me the d**n computer! I have work to do.

Doesn't anyone up their have the brainpower to figure out: "Dr. Smith we apologize as our system screwed did not complete your order. However, there is a preauthorization in place, we know the price with the two discounts, and we will overnight the 920 Bronze for arrival tomorrow. Our apologies." How hard is that? A Freshman in their first semester of a mediocre business school could have handled this better than Lenovo. What's your new slogan? Buy your computer from us, the ones we ourselves use don't work! Pathetic, really. Lenovo UK and Ireland Joe: As the order did not complete successfully a new order will need to be placed, once the pre-authorization has been cancelled. Please call the sales team on the following number and they will place a new order for you, along with cancelling your previous payment, proof of the previous payment may need to be provided. Apologies for the inconvenience these errors have caused for you. Thank you, Joe Tel, 1-855-253-6686 Option 1 Seen by Lenovo UK and Ireland at Thursday 10:50am

  • Sep 7, 2017

I purchased a brand new, in the sealed box Lenovo computer which was supposed to have a 3 year warranty. It arrive in the sealed box, but the battery did not work. When contacting the Atlanta center, they said the warranty only had 70 days to run (this was about a week after receiving and opening the box). The batter was not covered at all.

Since then, I tried to make a presentation, projecting it on a big screen. Again that did not work either, in spite of trying to "duplicate" the display. No signal came out of the computer to the screen, either running it directly or indirectly to the big screen.

So BEWARE of Lenovo's warranty agreement. It is 3 years from the manufacturing date, not purchase date.

  • Aug 22, 2017

I purchased a Lenovo Ideapad 310 with Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 included for an additional $219.99, but when the laptop was delivered I could not activate Microsoft Office. Found it extremely difficult to contact customer service and eventually pressed a phone menu option to place an order to try and talk to a person, which worked.

Lenovo then sent me to tech support, who told me Lenovo could not provide Microsoft product keys. They said to activate Microsoft Office on my new laptop I had to sign into Microsoft, but when I tried I got the message; "The account isn't associated with this Office product. To activate this install please sign in with the account associated with your product."

Tech support could not help me connect over the phone, so Lenovo customer service said they'd send me to their MS experts, who sent me an email with a troubleshooting hyperlink and instructions. I clicked the troubleshooting hyperlink, and laptop said there was no problem. Instructions said to restart and I tried that, no change.

I called Lenovo to request a refund, and ask about returning the laptop for a full refund. Was told I could not return the laptop until tech support told me I could, and even then there are no refunds for Microsoft Office products. They gave me the number for Microsoft customer service.

I called Microsoft customer service and described what happened when I tried to activate the products I purchased by signing in to my Microsoft account, and they told me Lenovo installed trial versions, not purchased versions, which could not be activated without a product key (which Lenovo said they could not provide!).

I provided a screen shot of my order and invoice as proof of purchase, and am now awaiting a call back from Microsoft "Level 2 Team" with product key(s) that will allow me to activate the software.

Lenovo failed in their customer service - they should not have been so difficult to contact, and they should have allowed me to easily return a product with which I was unhappy.

Lenovo failed in their order process - it should have clearly stated what they could provide and what they could not.

Lenovo failed in their business ethics - they should never have claimed to be able to sell Microsoft Office products when they could not provide product keys for customers who had problems activating software, or alternatively should have provided refunds for products that could not be activated.

  • Jul 22, 2017

From day one, the computer has had several problems, which they give advice and nothing works to fix the problems.

Alan in Ft Lauderdale, Florida

  • May 1, 2017

In January of 2016 I purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad through a retailer, having all the files from my old laptop successfully transferred in the process. Everything was fine for a few months, then I started receiving automated downloads from Lenovo, I tried reaching out to Lenovo to have this stopped, but to do so their support website required that I download another application to provide this service. This I refused to do, as I wanted less of Lenovo in my life, not more.

I searched extensively for a way to get tech support on a phone or chat session. Finally I found a way to reach Tech support through calling their online sales line. My first attempt via this avenue occurred about 10 months after my purchase, and the tech walked me through deleting the Lenovo applications myself. I was assured I would not be troubled by these again.

This morning (4 months later) I again found myself plagued by Lenovo downloads and update pushes, disrupting my work in progress (including employment acceptance paperwork) and my internet connection as a whole (I was forced to cease my work and restart my computer to get a connection back,..other devices on my server did not experience this interruption). Sittign right where they were perviously were all the Lenovo applications I had previously deleted.

Reaching Tech support through the sales line again, I forewarned the technician that I was very upset with Lenovo, and not to take any of my anger as directed toward her, apologizing in advance. After describing the scanario in detail, I was informed that since my warranty was now expired I would need to purchase a service level agreement to have the applications in question removed from my computer. I stated that this was unacceptable, as these items were pushed to my computer without my knoweldge or consent, and the responsibility of removing them once more was completely Lenovo's, not mine. In the middle of this statemnt, the technician terminated the call.

Right now my attitude is simply this... at my first opportunity I will be purchasing another laptop, Once my personal files are confirmed safely transfered, this thinkpad will be comoletely wiped and realigned with Linux, after which my son will receive it as a refurbished computer.

Do Not Trust Lenovo!!! What they have done here is paramount to donwloading a virus, then charging money to have it removed.

  • May 1, 2017

My computer has completely crapped out on me just as i assumed it would. they ripped me off and there is not a thing i can do about it now because i am out of warranty.

First, the hinges broke after 4 months of owning it. The whole world knows the y50-70's have this problem and what do they do? nothing except put incorrect replacement steps on the site. steps that would break the laptop further. then my LCD screen went out a day ago. my warranty ran out 2 days ago. how convenient, they have ripped myself and millions of other people off in an effort to save and make money. NOT provide a quality product. I feel so damned cheated and sad not that i spent a 1000 dollars of my hard earned money on something that i believed would last but no... they have intentionally designed their products to break after a year so we would be forced to buy again and that is a stupid business decision? who would keep buying from a company if they knew that they would only be able to use the device for a year?? From the moment i got the laptop i have kept it safe, on a fan, updated, cleaned and cared for because it was very expensive to me.. i am a firefighter and don't make s**t for money. I have NEVER treated the laptop bad or dropped it.

I'm so sad now that my laptop is ruined and i have to sit here at the f**** library to write this.. they are horrible crooks and i wish nothing but the worst for them and everyone associated with Lenovo.

  • Jun 11, 2016

I bought a lenovo h420 about 4 years ago and when i tried to burn a recovery disk it would not do it. i called lenovo and they said they would send me recovery disks and they did. I did not need them until now and discovered they were not home premium 7 thats on the pc i bought but it was windows 7 basic.when i contacted them they said it was out of warranty so they would do nothing. i told them it has nothing to do with the warranty if they did not make it right this is a scam. i got no answer

  • May 7, 2016

Purchased a Lenovo H50-50, two days ago started getting an error message "sign in as admninistrator with priviledges" I contacted Lenovo tech support and to my surprise and anger, this company charges for software techsupport that they installed in the computer, when I purchase even in the box I did not see a warranty statement included. Contacted their hardware tech support and was told they could not help me that I had to go to their software tech support and paid for the for it, it was a "Premium Service". I twitted the CED of the company YANG YANQING several times to informed him of his company's lack of techsupport and the fact they wanted to charge me, he said he would help. I got a twit today and the form of help was to send me a Warranty Statement for me to read. I am in the process of filing a complain with the Federal Trade Commission for non-disclosure of the terms of the warranty on Lenovo Computers. I am working with Microsoft to resolve my issue and they are not charging me anything. FOR THOSE WHO ARE CONSIDERING A LENOVO PRODUCT, I WOULD STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, THEY DON'T STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS AND THEIR TECH SUPPORT IS NON-EXISTANCE, THIS IS JUST ANOTHER CHINESE COMPANY IN THE US MARKET TO RIP OFF THE CONSUMERS.

  • Dec 8, 2015

I purchased a new laptop from Lenovo at Best Buy and within two to three months of purchasing the laptop's hardrive crashed. Lenovo has now had the laptop since October 21, 2015 and I am being told it will be another month before the part for the laptop comes in and then another three weeks to fix it!! This is unacceptable and meanwhile I do not have a laptop to use for school. I will never purchase another product from this company ever again. I am awaiting a service call from a manager and want a full refund for my product.

  • Oct 14, 2015

A month ago I ordered a laptop for my engineering class and Lenovo just be having a sale for students. First off it always sucks waiting for something awesome like a laptop to come in the mail. Only to find out they sent you someone else’s laptop. So, already completely frustrated with the whole situation, I sent it back and began the long wait for a refund, before I could begin another long wait to order another laptop. I was told the wait would be between 7-10 business days before I would see the money back in my account. 10 days later, low and behold, no money in my account. I call Lenovo back, which I had by this time gotten very accustom to dealing with over the phone, and I asked to speak to a manager. The lady said she would arrange to have a supervisor call me within 24 hours.

24 hours later no attempt to contact me was ever made. I called back and explained my frustrations and even then had to argue to get a supervisor on the phone. I eventually got a supervisor on the phone, and he explained to me that my refund was sent to the man whose laptop I received. UNBELIEVABLE! How is this even legal? If it wasn't for Lenovo’s big name I would think this was a scam! Finally worked out a plan where my order would be placed for a new laptop (which i thought we had discussed to be that day since it was a Friday) however the order wasn't placed until the following Monday because he didn't place the order before he left for work that day even though we had this conversation at around 11 that morning. Again more of my time wasted carelessly.

There was a price difference between the two laptops so I am still due a refund that is already showing issues, I’m on the eighth day now. The supervisor who at first seemed very helpful became less helpful as he quit replying to my emails. I emailed him last Thursday, just asking for an estimate on when I may receive my refund, then again on Friday… Finally I called Friday and a customer service representative explained to me the supervisor was attached to my case and he would be the only one who could really help me. So she said he would contact me the following Monday… again. Monday comes around waited all day for a call or an email that never came. Tuesday I call back and again he’s not in the office but he will get back to me.

Finally I get an email saying that "…billing is taking longer than usual to process our requests". So that doesn't bode well for this second round of trying to get a refund. My order for my laptop was finally placed on the 5th of October the status read "order received, on the sixth it read "sent to manufacturing", and on the 11th of October it reverted back to “order received”. Ugh… Finally I talked to a customer service rep via webchat tonight and she explained that the there was a part shortage and they’re waiting for parts. So where I was once expecting this laptop sometime at the end of the month, who knows if I’ll ever see it or my money. By the way if any of you were wondering, they offered me a very very very small discount as compensation because they appreciate my time and business… pfft… This is so sad I wanted to love this company I really did, this has turned out to be the biggest let down.

My grades have suffered tremendously for Lenovo’s repeated mess ups and they don’t even care to step up and try to make amends for all this crap. I’m a hypocrite as I sit here and wait, checking my emails order status constantly praying for something to happen. I just feel like, at this point, if I give up I would have done nothing but wasted all that time and I hate to admit defeat. And even then will ever even see that refund? Hopefully people, students especially, will see this and know what they’re getting into when they go Lenovo directly. I did a bunch of research and they have a great product but their customer service is the worst I’ve ever seen. There’s no excuse, how can you mess up one order, over and over and over. I somehow missed this in my research but I hope others read this and think twice. Even if they screw up horribly, they won’t do anything for you, except make promises they won’t keep.

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