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Lennon Lawyers

Country Australia
State Victoria
City Melbourne
Address 256 Queen Street Level 12
Phone 61 3 9670 6999

Lennon Lawyers Reviews

  • Sep 10, 2023

This law firm has a finance lending enterprise referred to as Argyle Lending. Victims are normally clients who come from the Lennon Lawyers affiliate. The firm, formally recognized as Lennon Mazzeo Lawyers, had attracted one of our family members who used the firm to represent them in a matrimonial matter in 2015. The law firm director, Mr. Lennon acted as a saviour to the scenario and exploited the vulnerability of the struggling family member. The Lennons took benefit of her inclined circumstance to gain her trust and take advantage by defrauding our family, specifically this family member.

The director's wife, Mrs. Lennon who is additionally a lawyer at the firm, pretended she no longer worked at the law firm, was the registered director for Argyle Lending. Although it was the works of Mr. Lennon who funneled over $3.5 million dollars of my family's wealth through Argyle Lending, Mrs Lennon later played a role in the fraud. Mr. Lennon was the shadow director of Argyle Lending and ran the law firm whilst representing in legal matters this family member had be embroiled in. Mr. Lennon had played on her low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and frailed state of mind. He promised her he will get her out of the legal matters she was going through.

During the time he represented her, he encouraged her to invest money thru Argyle Lending with money acquired at settlement of these legal matters and her work. Also, use it as a way to have her persuade her friends and different family members to do the same. My elderly mom was persuaded to provide money she received from the sale of the family home as a lending investment.

The Lennons would make out that there a low risks associated in investing in these lending loans are they would impervious the money through mortgages in opposition to property owned by the borrowers, complete thorough due diligence and have legal contracts mounted by means to ensure the safety of lender's funds. The Lennons failed to inform us that the debtors have been friends and business associates.

Argyle Lending/Lennon Lawyers would consistently put pressure on this family member to invest in these lending loans and get her to obtain cash from different family members and friends. Mr. Lennon posed as helping this family member when he supplied her with work consisting of due diligence work for potential financial agreeements and other varies duties.

For the past 4 years our family have been in battles with the debtors from loans hooked up with the aid of the law firm and finance company, Argyle Lending. Yet the Lennons failed to expose they had an interest in some of the borrower's property. This lead them to remove a registered mortgage against one of the borrower's property without our knowledge, authority or repayment. Instead the Lennons and the borrower, IRD Developments Pty Ltd, Azzcon Equipment Pty Ltd and Rajan aka Ricky Duggal issued staged court proceedings to dispose of the replacement fraudulent mortgage lodged on the borrower's property, 250 Olivers Rd, Mickleham, around the same time they removed our original mortgage.

They were successful in putting off all mortgages connected to our family with the help of other business associates. These business associates are lawyers who have been working with the Lennons to commit crimes such as extortion, blackmail, abuse, fraud and other misconduct.

Whilst I was assisting family members attempting to recover money owed by way of the Lennons and borrowers, I determined that it was a ring of white-collar criminals, corrupt authorities officers and fraudsters that have been concerned in robbing our family's wealth. The Lennons amassed money from our family by way of fabricating loans and claiming loans were paid out via the borrower then withhold the funds to roll over into other fabricated loans.

Around the some time, the Lennons committed mortgage fraud they deliberate planned to have a fall out with the family member. This is when she requested our family's money to be returned. Instead she was confronted with greater criminal activity, abuse of power and further crimes committed against our family.

Originally, a mortgage was lodged towards the borrower's land by Lennon Lawyers on our behalf in July 2018 for the money we lent the borrower in May 2018. It was fraudulently replaced in December 2018 without our knowledge, authority or payment to us. So with the help of a different law firm, KCL Law, Lennon Lawyers committed fraud via eliminating our original mortgage and changing it with a fraudulent one. For two years after this, we have been attempting to get the money we lent out back from the borrower (IRD Developments Pty Ltd, Azzcon Equipment Pty Ltd and Rajan Duggal) and Argyle Lending/Lennon Lawyers.

Other legal professionals misled us pretending they would assist in recovering the money. Instead, we were scammed by way of extortion, fraud and other misleading tactics swindling over $300,000 at the same time as pretending to act in our best interest. Baker and Jones managed to rip-off us over $220,000 whilst pretending to act for us. But I found out that Baker & Jones had been collaborating with the borrowers and the Lennons making us go thru staged court proceedings as a way to overcharge us exorbitant legal costs as some other way to extort us.

Baker and Jones would falsify documents, furnish misleading advice and manipulating proof to make sure we would not get our money back from the borrowers or the Lennons. This took Baker and Jones a period of 1 year in 2019 to rob us over $220,000.

Then, after being duped for two years with deceptive systems used via the Lennons, the borrower's legal representative (Further staged court proceedings were started by the borrower in July 2020, with (Liviaditis and Co. posing as lawyers for Rajan Duggal and his insolvent shell companies). It was a way for the borrower to avoid paying the debt in full, even though they pretended to be going to pay it for two years and even gave us a consent judgement.

Instead, to completely remove any security we had against the land it owned, it started staged court cases claiming Lennon lacked the right to file a replacement fraudulent mortgage. We agreed that no authority was given for the replacement mortgage filed by Lennon Lawyers, and we made an effort to let the courts know that our original mortgage was replaced by this fraudulent one without our knowledge, authorization, or payment. However, we were unable to do this because of KCL law's misrepresentation.

We were duped into thinking that KCL law would file a counterclaim against the borrower, file a fraud report, and even enforce our consent judgment. KCL Law, however, defied our requests and drew a threat to charge us more money for legal counsel. Due to a review I posted about them after I exposed their involvement in the mortgage fraud, a lien was put on the file even after we had paid the legal fees. We were unaware of KCL Law's involvement in the case at the time of the proceedings, and they denied having a conflict of interest. I was subjected to gaslighting and other forms of deceit when I attempted to reveal this to the family member who was giving the instructions so that they could keep committing mortgage fraud.

The borrower, the Lennons, and KCL Law were all able to remove all mortgages connected to the money we lent against the land as a result of all of this. Lennon was found to lack the authority to file this fraudulent mortgage, but he received no punishment for his crimes; instead, the courts acted as if Lennon had committed no crimes. The fraudulent replacement mortgage was simply ordered to be removed from the property by the court, leaving us without a mortgage or other form of security for the funds we lent the borrower particular over the land.

As the staged court proceedings came to an end, I confirmed that KCL Law had previously acted on behalf of another lender, Bandore Pty Ltd (another front company), to assist Lennon Lawyers in committing the mortgage fraud to take over our original mortgage back in December 2018.

Our family has continued to be misled and extorted when we have tried to recover the unpaid debt owed by the borrower due to more dishonest and deceptive behavior on the part of these solicitors, government organizations like the Registrar of Titles Offices Victoria and the judicial officers of the Supreme Court of Victoria, as well as the borrower. Rajan Duggal, also known as Ricky Duggal, the borrower, is an Indiann national who has been used as the public face of numerous insolvent and fictitious businesses to act as a borrower of private lending through Argyle Lending. To conceal the fraud committed, friends and fellow lawyers operate under the cover of shell lending companies placing caveats and mortgages on the real estate of these borrowers. They then launch fictitious court cases while claiming to be impartial.

Our fraud reports were turned down for investigation by Victoria Police, the IBAC, the Victorian Ombudsman, ASIC, and the ATO. Even when we complained that the Department for Transport and the Registrar of Titles Office Victoria were acting dishonestly by engaging in false testimony and fraud in these staged court proceedings, they turned a blind eye and disregarded all of our complaints. Despite knowing exactly what was going on, the Victoria Legal Services Board and the Commissioner misled us into thinking they were investigating the Lennons for more than two years and then used the media to say they would encourage the public to come forward with information about the Lennons' wrongdoings.

Years of false information about the VLSBC's actions against the Lennons and their business/practice certificates were spread to our family, but nothing was done to stop it. The Lennons managed to run their law firm, take advantage of us through the system, cover up their crimes with the help of everyone involved, and recently sell their law firm for $3.5 million without any intervention from the VLSBC. The Lennons are still getting away with their crimes, so they have put their Caulfield mansion on the market for $5.2-5.7 million at 2 Eyre Rd, Caulfield North, in an effort to hide from their transgressions and keep themselves hidden from the white collar syndicate.

The crimes and improper behavior of the Lennons and their associates have not been stopped by any authority or judge. Many are either complicit in these crimes or are aware of them but do nothing

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