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Lending Club

Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 71 Stevenson St #300
Phone 888-596-3157

Lending Club Reviews

  • Sep 12, 2021

I received a preapproval letter for a personal loan from $10,000 to $40,000 from Lending Club in the mail. They gave me a code to submit on their website. I went on their website and entered my code. Immediately they wanted my bank account number so that they could link my account to theirs. They also, gave me a loan number and how much I would pay each month for the loan of $20,000 that I was asking for. I thought that I was approved and that they were going to wire the money to my account.

I had a applied for personal loan through a different company once and they linked my account, approved me and wired me my money within a day or two. So, when Lending Club did the exact same thing, I thought I was approved and the money would be wired to my account. A few hours later, I received an email from Lending Club that I needed to fill out the loan application and submit documents. I thought this was strange since they already linked my account and gave me my loan information. I filled out the application and uploaded all the required documents. They sent me an email 2 days later, that the copies of my paychecks and the copies of my co-borrowers paychecks needed to be resubmitted.

I resubmitted them. Then, the same email. I called a rep. who told me that I needed paystubs. I told her that my boss wrote all deductions on the paychecks, she did not use pay stubs. I am a new hire, so I only had 2 checks. My co-borrower works for the same company so, her checks are the same. The next rep. told me to submit 2-3 months of bank statements, which I did. Both reps. were supposed to have the loan officer contact me and help me. Never heard from loan officer. Third rep. was no help. Fourth rep., did not know how to help me. I asked him why I have not heard from loan officer. He said that none of the reps. had requested the loan officer to call me.

They lied and told me that they would have loan officer call. This went on for 2 weeks, with no help from anyone at Lending Club. I have never had any problems getting a loan in the past. I never even had to submit any documentation. I believe that this company is misleading people with these preapproval letters and codes, any taking peoples bank information before they are even approved. They want easy loans to approve. If, any complications they do not want to bother. If, they do not want to do the work and help people get loans, then STOP sending these letters. They are asking people for personal information and who knows what they do with taht info. and how do you know if, you can trust them to not take money from your bank account since, they have all that info as well.

  • Jul 29, 2020

I went online to check them out and I had a bad feeling about them, guy calls me back this morning saying he was sorry for not returning my phone call or email, he didn't know I had my bank red flag them, this clown gives me his pitch about getting my credit scores up and then I can get the larger loan, he paid me no attention when I told him I know how to get my scores up, he keeps talking and said what we can do is send a smaller amount to one our banks you send it back to us the same day and we can get your scores up within a few hours, now remember I said I know how to get my scores up and yes you can do it within a few days but not hours, that was when I said hold up "YOU WANT ME TO ALLOW YOU TO SEND A SMALL AMOUNT NOT TO MY BANK BUT A BANK YOU WANT TO USE CORRECT? HE SAID YES that is when I didn't say a word I just hungup in his face and kept it moving, there are reasons who find people like this being brought to light for the whole world to see that way people who may not be good with computers to know that look them up, don't wait until bad things happen to you and they will if you don't check people out before get involved with them, I didn't even bother to tell the clown I had my bank red flag them yesterday so look them up or if you problems never be afraid to ask for help because it really is better to be SAFE than SORRY.

  • Dec 11, 2018

Received in the mail a notice from this company that touted that I was "pre-approved" for a personal loan. On the first page of the notice it went into detail as to why I was pre-approved. It gave an email address and a pre-approval code for me to utilize when at the site. I followed all of the instructions and received a notice that I was denied but I could try another lender which they conveniently supplied a link for. Aside from falsely advertising that I was "pre-approved" they pulled a bait and switch by sending me to an affiliate lender. This form of advertising is no better then what car dealers have been sited for over and over. They wasted my valuable time by falsely telling me that I was "pre-approved."

  • May 28, 2018

I completed an application online. Unbeknownst to me when completing the application process, I was required to sign all the truth in lending documents prior to the loan approval. When I got to the loan finance changes and APR after completing the loan, I decided the rate was too high. The application was approved and the funds placed in my bank account on 5/16. I received no e-mails (e-mails went to junk file, congratulating me on the loan) and no phone calls about the loan and the funds being placed in my account. Upon notice of this fact, I called after going to Wells Fargo Bank, whom the bank showed the funds came from. Wells Fargo traced the funds to Web Bank who traced the funds to Lending Club. When speaking with lending club, they informed the 3 day cancellation was off; but they never made direct contact.

The problem with this process is: 1. When filing for the loan prior to know the % rate, all documents were considered signed with the application process. 2. contact for the loan was not confirmed by myself, as the e-mails sent were not responded to as I did not receive them; even though they informed to contact them. 3. The funds remained intact in my account as again I was unaware they had been transfered and from whom.

The loan amount was $14,000. The amount deposited in my bank was $13,300.00 The origination fee was $700 and the taxes on the loan was 68.78. Therefore the payout on the loan was 14,768.78, which I will pay on 5/31/18.

Do not use this company.

  • Nov 16, 2017

10-16 17 Lending Club contacted me by e mail about a $5000 looan. Alex rogers told me I didn't have enough money in my account so he deposited a check into my account for $990. He said take the money out as soon as you get it. and send it back to him in itunes cards and stem cards, and the money would be in my account 10-21-17. 10-23-17 the money wasn't there. My bank account was overdrawn by $992. I went to my bank they said the check Alex deposited in my account was unable to locate. I have the texting conversation with Alex on my phone.i have copies of the itunes and stem cards that I sent over the phone. I am out of $990 from the bank and from the lending Club.

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