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Lemon Squad

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Woodbury
Address 6043 Hudson Road Suite 305
Phone (888) 231-7965

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  • Jan 23, 2018

This inspection company is the worst I have ever dealt with. I was purchasing a used BMW long distance and contracted with them for an "exotic" inspection the day before. The mechanic arrived the next day and spent 2 hours with my prospective car and my salesman, and subsequently gave it an above average rating. My car shipped 26 days later, and i was confident I was receiving a solid, well equipped car. What I got was a car with missing parts, broken parts, condensation in headlights, a repainted mismatched bumper, and worn tires. In the sample exotic report, all of these items were methodically inspected. In my report, nothing was mentioned. My report was 1 paragraph only. The sample report is at least three and in much detail. Customer service was nice but they kept making excuses for the mechanic's omissions. Finally I emailed the general mailbox to get a hold of "Andy" the owner who simply stated that I had 14 days to dispute the report. I explained that my car was shipped later than the 14 days which apparently didnt matter. When I kept inquiring, he became rude and childish. He never disputed my claims, only that I had 14 days to dispute. People, use CarChex, much much better.

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  • Sep 28, 2023

It's really ironic that Lemon Squad claims to protect people from scams, when the truth is that Lemon Squad is actually itself a scam. Whenever I tried to set up an inspection with them, it was just delay after delay resulting in inspections getting canceled and causing me to miss out on cars. When an inspection finally occurred, they were so slow that the car had already been sold to someone else by the time I received a report from LemonSquad. They provided me with an inspection for a car that was already sold, refused to provide a refund, and then hung up on me. On top of that, they charged me an additional $30 for a verbal report that they never provided at all. I missed out on multiple great deals because of these crooks.

  • Mar 13, 2023

I purchased a Lemon Squad Vintage Car Pre-Purchase inspection report based upon the advertised service of fastest reporting turnaround in the industry and the advertised service of average turnaround time of two business days after the inspection was completed. The service was purchased on Saturday, February 25th 2023 for $299.00. The inspection was completed on Thursday, March 2nd 2023. As of today, 3/13/23, the report has still has not been published.

I contacted Lemon Squad via their messaging system requesting a status update for the report on:






Each time, I received an answer of, “Your report is being reviewed and will be published soon. Watch your emails for an update.”

It wasn’t until my second inquiry on 3/9/23 in which the chat agent said that they would have someone review the report right away.

On 3/10/23 when I inquired, the chat agent said they would have someone review right now. I informed them if I did not have the report by tomorrow, 3/10/23 that I would like to cancel the order.

Today has been 7 business days since the technician completed his inspection and I still do not have a report.

I would like the fee of $299.00 refunded.

-------- Original message --------

From: Lemon Squad Messenger

Date: 3/2/23 8:29 AM (GMT-05:00)

To: [email protected]

Subject: ETA Changed: Order 542436

Hi, Matt!

You have a new message from Lemon Squad.

ETA Changed: Order 542436

Appointment has been changed to 03/02 on Order 542436

Reason Changed: Technician changed appointment ETA. Details: Inspection is complete and the tech is working on finishing the upload today.

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  • Oct 31, 2019

They cancelled my inspection due to a technician having personal issues. Then they refuse to refund the charge. Only give a credit. Plus they lied and tried to say I moved up the inspection date. Proof attached from chat I saved, they are the ones who had a delay. Not my fault you are couldn't get a tech onsite and are incompetent.

Then when I disputed charge with my credit card company they disabled my account. So they basically stole $150.

They get away with this SCAM by hiding it in their terms of service. That way the credit card company is not able to provide a refund when disputing.

They also make no guarantees as to when the inspection will take place. So they can take a month to inspect your car if they want to. Again, its all buried in their terms and conditions.

A totally dishonest company. These cowards don't even have a real address. They use a PO Box. What kind of company refuses to refund when they never provided a product or service? Be pared to take them to court. Avoid these scammers at all cost! Total scum bags.

  • Jun 19, 2018

I relied on your expertise of hiring a professional person to inspect an out of state vehicle. From the actual report : The car arrived June 1 but was not driveable. As soon as I started it up the engine stalled, the check engine light came on, the SMT warning light came on. I immediately took the car to a nearby garage. They had it 9 days but never got the opportunity to look at it. So. I take it to the Toyota dealership. They hook up the scanner and found 3 codes P1646 --> Transmission control ECU malfunction P0860 --> Gear shift module communications circuit P0191 —>Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/Performance The shift actuator was leaking and needed to be replaced -Cost: 4835.00 The inspection was completed May 24th or 25th, but Because we were buying several states away and the car had to be shipped, we didn’t receive the car until June 1st. The 1st garage had the car until June 14th and never looked at it so we didn’t know what was even wrong until the Toyota dealership looked at it on the 14th. We contacted Lemon Squad about the issues and received this response : No one asked LS to fix it- we simply want a refund.

  • May 8, 2018

While I did purchase more than one inspection report via this company (and learned that value depends upon who you get for an inspector) one particular inspection report was seriously inaccurate and misleading... and that particular inspection report related to the car I eventually purchased! Also, I had an inspection report "on hold", then cancelled. When cancelled, the customer service rep Angel agreed (by phone) that I was due a refund. However, the Lemon Squad owner "Andy" called me later on, virtually threatening me that there is no way I will ever receive a refund, that is, for services that he admitted were never rendered to me. Incredibly, I was charged $22.81 for additional inspector travel time, when no inspector ever traveled anywhere, with regard to this order, at any time. When Andy the owner called me to say I will not receive a refund, his tone was rude, abusive, and menacing… and set me on the credit card company charge-back path. Meanwhile the owner of the company has yet attempted to harass me by unsolicited phone calls, chiding me about the "chargeback you lost" .. however I will not be intimidated. And the chargeback case has not been lost; Lemon Squad will hear about that again very soon. And Lemon Squad will receive a brand new complaint via the Better Business Bureau and a one-star review. As for the car I purchased, I had to look beyond the Lemon Squad inspector's report in an attempt to decipher the true condition of the car. The dealership cooperated patiently with the Lemon Squad inspector, while diligently reporting to me that Andy's inspector apparently knew little-to-nothing about the car he was inspecting. Indeed, the dealer's description of the car was far more accurate than the inspector's..! Imagine that. The inspector missed that the transmission was set to "ICE" mode, which severely impacts the car's performance; the inspector missed many other important points, and claimed that the car had been involved in a serious accident. The accident claim was proved false by a proper inspection - not by Lemon Squad - and verified that only very minor damage had occurred. Another issue. This company will not provide anything in writing to you. All Lemon Squad communications with customers are done via online chat or phone calls. The company will not send any hard copy, email, written response to email, or any other documentation to the customer. Instead, Lemon Squad collects online information about *you* and will use that personal information however it sees fit to do. Meanwhile, "Andy" refuses to refund for services that he has not rendered.. so how trustworthy is that? Andy/Lemon Squad relies on an essentially unenforceable online adhesion contract, in an attempt to snag customers into paying for services that the customer may never receive. Yes, Andy will charge for services not rendered -- just because his online adhesion contract says so -- and if that's not a breach of trust, then what is? I believe Lemon Squad is untrustworthy based on the inspections I received, and based on their rude and abusive behavior toward me, the customer, by unsolicited phone calls and by its owner, which I now call harassment. I’d suggest avoiding this business at all costs, and finding another based on all of the above.

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