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Legal Aid Alberta

Country Canada
City Fort McMurray, Alberta
Address 9915 Franklin Ave
Phone 1 866-845-3425

Legal Aid Alberta Reviews

  • Oct 7, 2021

Legal Aid Alberta put misleading information on their website that they connect poor disadvantaged Albertans to Legal services. They do nothing of that kind. They rip off Alberta’s poorest and those with disabilities and mental health issues. They keep you on hold and when your turn comes in the queue you hear a click so someone deliberately clicks the phone to keep you on hold.

Staff rejoice at the thought of your misery and pain. They say in your contract that your they pay the lawyer for emails and hourly correspondences but they don't pay lawyers for any such thing. Lawyers spend the money themselves for client documents, out of pocket expenses for even third party costs while Legal Aid makes you pay for services to misappropriate your funds. This is fraud for the low

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