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Legacy 521

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Charlotte
Address 15708 Greythorne Drive
Phone 7043235908

Legacy 521 Reviews

  • Jul 15, 2016


If I could give this place a 0 I would!

They lie to you just to get you to sign the lease. As soon as you sign they charge hidden fees left and right. We got fined for putting too much TRASH IN THE TRASH SHOOT!!! $250!!!

They also discriminate on medical conditions and would not allow my service dog to live with me even when I provided a letter from my doctor stating I NEED my dog with me at ALL times. They wouldn't allow him to stay with me.

They are all fake and sneaky. They even point their cameras into people's balcony sand watch them!!! Invasion of privacy!!!!

  • Feb 1, 2016

Since the leasing office deleted my negative review on thought I would try this site to let the residents & future proapects know that 521 Legacy apartments uses Poo Prints to process & test their resident's dog's DNA specimens(feces) that they find in their common areas. Poo Prints is not certified or registered at a state or Federal level. Certification would hold their lab reliable to ensure accuracy & competency with the processing & testing.

On January 19th 2016, I received a lease violation letter on my door, giving me 11 days to come up the fine of $500.00 or my Feb rent would not be accepted. I had called the leasing office & lab on jan 20th to request the DNA mapping that is routinely done in order to complete their test results so that I may take to my vet to verify results. today is Jan 31 & I still don't have these results. I have asked to speak to someone in Sr leadership to disuss this issue-to drop the violation claim, I was told that the leasing mgr was the person in Sr leadership, I requested a second time & was told that a company representative would contact me on 1/27, it is 1/31 & I have not heard from comp rep. I have requested the DNA mapping results twice with Poo prints & leasing office-the leasing mgr did say she would allow me to make 2 installments for the fine, but because the lab is not certified & reliable with practices in their lab/staff & since the DNA mapping cannot be provided in a timely manner, I feel that the violation claim should be dropped

Finally, The staff @ 521 Legacy is selective in whom they choose to collect saliva samples from & they are incapable of correctly reporting where samples were found-I was told there was a sample found in front of an apt that doesn't exist.

Competency & training of staff in labs & collecting specimens in common areas should be a prioroty since they are charging a hefty fine for each occurence

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