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Lee's Vintage Vine Collectibles

Country United States
State Alabama
City Holbrook
Address 761 Coates Ave. , Suite 5
Phone (844) 533-2646

Lee's Vintage Vine Collectibles Reviews

  • Mar 18, 2019

My dad purchased a coin from a dealer who goes by the name of Frank Romanik out of Holbrook, NY for a lot of money (about $12k). It’s been almost year since my dad paid off this coin and the dealer has not yet given it to him, and is now not returning calls.

The NYSP are working on his case but I was hoping that you folks may have heard of him and possibly know how to contact him. He may be going by other names and under different business names but last did business with my dad under the business name Lees Vintage Vine Collectibles. Any help would be tremendous. Thanks so much!!!

  • Feb 17, 2018

In 2015 sold 15000 dollars,worth of gold coins and silver coins to this company. It is now 2018,and, has not paid me the final payment of 4000 dollars

  • May 6, 2017

My husband sent this company approximately 10,000 dollars of coins to a guy name rich. h kept telling my husband that he was waiting on the next sale and that he would be able to sale them double the value. my husband trusted him at the beginning. my husband passed away in aug 2016 i tried to call rich and his number no longer works. i research and found a number it was to the owner of the company. he said that rich had been fired for stealing and using his company to scam people. i told him who i was and he said he wants to make this right. he asked if i had a list of things i sent i told him yes and i faxed it to him. he said to give couple days for him to go over what i sent him and he would get a value and contact me. well he didnt contact me i call him 2 days later. he said looked over it and estimate what he still have at 6500.00 dollars he said for me to give him my bank account. i spoke to the police department here and the told me not to give my account. for him to send you a money order or check . frank the owner told me he would send me all that and a notarized letter in the mail the next day. well it been almost 6 weeks now and he isnt calling me or returning my calls and nothing in the mail.. this man is a scam, lair

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