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Country United States
State Alaska
City Beverly Hills
Address 113 N San Vicente Blvd
Phone (877) 415-3152


  • Aug 29, 2016

I used Ledgersync for a few months and I can attest that there software doesn't even work half the time. They have a "enhanced history" add on you can buy for $80 which I was charged for but never got. In fact I was charged twice a month every month on the same day but only had one account..and I don't think the software ever worked two days in a row. I am sure its not intentional but ledgersync is a HUGE frustration that at the end of the day can not deliver on what they promise.

So I am out a few dozen hours of labor and a few hundred dollars--and if you email them you get a response from a Maurice Berdugo at [email protected] telling me he won't speak to me since i disputed the two charges a month on the same day for one account. So reporting the truth to amex means they will not even speak to me.

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