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LeafFilter North of New York, LLC

Country United States
State New York
City Hauppauge
Address 400 Oser Ave Ste 200
Phone (800) 290-6106

LeafFilter North of New York, LLC Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2021

I had leaf filter install their system at my home in June of 2021. There is a corner of the house that meets the porch roof, which is lower then the main part of the roof line, by around five inches. The existing porch gutter fits nicely under the the gutter for the main roof line (see photo). The summer rains were at times heavy everywhere this year. The water in that corner of the house went over the Leaf Guard system! (See photo)So it didn’t work as advertised.

I called about it to customer service, and they responded within a few days. Their solution was to put a diverter on that portion of the gutter. That didn’t work. The water just went past the diverter, and bypassed the system. I called again about the issue, and they responded again within a few days. The solution was to drill bigger holes in the plastic piece that accepts the water, and that worked well.

Now, it’s fall and leaves are falling. Leaves pile up in that corner, (see photo) and the rain goes right over the leaves and misses the gutter entirely. I called the main number and asked to speak the a regional manager. The person that called me back was a sales manager for the Syracuse area by the name of Tom. Tom was the person that helped out with the other two issues. I explained that the old plastic mesh that I bought from a home center, 20 ft for $12.99, never gave me this issue, so what gives?

Tom explained to me that the system is indeed working, and that they can’t be responsible for debris build up, and that the wind will eventually blow that off the gutter. So what happens when there are leaves on the gutters, and there is no wind with a heavy downpour? You guessed it, the rain goes over the gutters! He then asked why I called Leaf Filter, instead of keeping the mesh? (See photo of mesh)Well I designed the corner piece which worked in the corner, but the mesh wasn’t holding the weight of the leaves for rest of the house. And I am 70 years of age, and didn’t want to climb a ladder to clean out gutters.

So Tom became arrogant, and kept talking in circles saying that the system is working, and there’s nothing in the contract about debris on the gutters, only if they get past the system will they clean them out. I told him that I demand to talk to his regional manager. He said I couldn’t, because they have bigger fish to fry, then to deal with my issue. I kept pushing to speak with someone else, he said he would let that someone know to call me back, and hung up on me!

What I want is a partial refund of $500, for my aggravation. And to have a regional manager call me back. If you live in Syracuse, and call any number given on your invoice, you will get to talk with Tom, so good luck with that. Leaf Filter needs to train their sales people to look for issues like mine, and maybe walk away from it. In addition they should also train sales managers on how to handle customers. Maybe spend more money on Gutter Guard, then deal with this circus.

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