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LeafFilter Gutter Protection

Country United States
State Ohio
City Hudson
Address 1595 Georgetown Road
Phone 1 800-290-6106

LeafFilter Gutter Protection Reviews

  • Mar 12, 2023

leaffilters work in my opinion was substandard compared to their advertisements my gutters now leak between my eaves and the gutters and in some corners water now drips on the sidewalk of my side entrance way in the cold weather makes patches of ice they have been here twice and did nothing to alleviate the problems i wish that i never got them i posted a compaint review a few weeks ago on their sight and they have not made one attempt to contact me to rectify this problem or even to look at it

  • Aug 15, 2022

They prey on the elderly and they do shoddy work. The sales person came in and claimed that nothing sticks to the stainless steel. THEN! He gave an absolutely outrageous price. I mean crazy but wait! There's more.

He dropped it 15% and then 5% and then 5% and I said no. Would you believe he dropped it almost 50% to "cost" after he called his "boss" Don. In retrospect, it was a total scam and like a dummy, I still fell for it at cost. It was still $20/foot!

Well I've had mine for 6 months and let me tell you nothing sticking to it is a bold faced lie! They also say it takes a ton of water and here in Florida, we get a ton of water - another LIE! They said the seals will not leak. LIE! They said the miters won't leak. LIE!!!!

When the installers came out, they were absolutely terrible! I went up on my ladder and they FAILED to install one of the main areas of concern so I had to call customer service. I couldn't call the sales rep! Noooooope!

Had to dig out my contract and give them the job number and then they waited forever to come out and fix it. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.

  • Mar 27, 2022

The leaf filter system is plugged up with pine needles and was also incorrectly installed with the spout at ground level allowing the downspout to not discharge but to overflow and what ever water does flow onto the porch out front and onto the patio in the backyard.

I reported it to the company, but they charge a service call of $95 plus cost of repairs! I have been removing the pine needles but we have had high winds this last month, then suddenly it rained today, causing the damage.

I would have not purchased the gutters if I knew the pine needles stuck firmly in the grid! I never had gutters on this house so decided to just put them over the walk ways. Buyer Beware! THE LEAF FILTER GUTTER PROTECTION SYSTER DOES CLOG!

  • Sep 28, 2021

Had leaf filter installed on the house gutter drainage was perfect there was no need to mess with the gutters except to seal the corners yet they took out the gutter hangers replaced with theirs.

Their hangers bubbled gutters they broke the drip edge ice guard seal finger painted the sealant underneath the gutter corner joints left screws all in the driveway loaded my only trash can 6 days away from garbage day.

Supposedly they were working on a resolution now they’re dodging my calls. Horrible company from customer service down and the craftsmanship is beyond amateur. Now I have to hire an attorney and go through all this drama.

What is with people today hired to do a job they want their money but give you a s**+**y job? They ruined $4,000 in gutters putting their clips in. Compromised my roof's integrity.


  • Apr 15, 2021

TERRIBLE product during winter months

Terrible product during the winter months. Snow and ice buildup occurs on top of the screened cover and causing water to run/drip over the gutter causing extreme ice buildup on whatever is beneath: porch, stoops, stairs, driveway, etc. The ice and three-foot icicles made my home very dangerous to enter and exit. LeafFilter says this is normal and that there is nothing they can do but they will not remove or refund the purchase.

  • Dec 13, 2019

On November 20, 2019 LeafFilter Chris Matheny Operations Manager signed a agreement to give partial refund of $1,600.00 and unclog the gutter screens and clean stains on the outside of the gutters caused by the LeafFilter screens holding black shingle grit on top of the LeafFilter screens.

Both Lesley Brocato Customer Relationship Manager and Chris Matheny Operation Manager have failed to provide the customer the refund and to clean the stains completely off the outside of the gutters as agreed in the settlement agreement. Roof tar, shingle grit and tree debris stick to the top of the LeafFilter screens clogging the screens so water is unable pass through into the gutters. The corprate office will not admit the product is not working as advertised, has clogs on top of the screens and has refused to give a refund.

  • Oct 20, 2018

So here's the deal. I got royally screwed by this company. Rick is the name of the manager in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He used to work for Erie Construction before going to work for Leaf Filter in 2013. He brags about how much his sales people make. When he trains them, he actually tells me to ADD a few hundred bucks to the total they come up with, so they can make more money. When I said a few hundred dollars, I'm talking about how he bragged his top sales person adds $1,000 to the bill.

So, how much exactly are they charging customers for their "superior product" that you can also buy at Lowes?

$27 a foot if on the first floor, $29 a foot on the second floor, and $31 a foot on the third floor.

When they figure this out, even if there is a small dip in your yard that would make it over 10', you're automatically charged for a second story home for the first floor.

Oh, and on top of that, this is only the filter part. They also charge $11 a foot for the gutter, $20 for the corners.

Having someone come visit you? They're trained to give you the highest price first. They're trained not to tell you about their financing they offer, they want you to pay cash or by credit card so they can make more money. If you say no, they'll keep lowering the price. By how much? They'll lower the price down to 55% of what the original quote was. That's almost HALF!! Oh, and don't forget they'll probably add a few hundred dollars still to the bill and call it a "paperwork" fee or something stupid like that so they can make more money.

Rick, the manager PROUD to rip off Western Michigan customers for his own gain. He should spend more time doing the right thing, instead of looking for ways to screw people out of their money. He's what you call filth.

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