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Lazy D Ranch

Country United States
State New Mexico
City Tularosa
Phone (575) 571-5680

Lazy D Ranch Reviews

  • Sep 12, 2021

In November we contacted Dara about a puppy (buck). He had her usual style add claiming to be registerable and the puppies price was $2000. After speaking with her we wanted full breeding rights and she had told us that would make it $2500. We decided to go pick him up. It was an 8hr drive from north Texas to Tularosa, NM. Were we meet her at a gas station for some reason.

As we got close to the arranged meeting spot she said that she had run out of printer paper and could not print the contract. She had just had a new born was her excuse for not being prepared. We exchange cash for the puppy. We only paid $2000 since she didn't have paperwork in a agreement to receive and pay the additional $500 later for breeding rights.

It is now 9 months later and we have still not received any registration paperwork at all. I have contacted her multiple times. After talking to her 5 months after purchase she apologized for forgetting and thanked me for reminding her. We got busy and I let it go another 4 months before contacting her and she claimed to have sent them. I have lived at my address for 11 years now and have never had anything lost in the mail. I ask her how she had gotten our address and she claimed she got it off the signed contract that we exchanged when we picked up the puppy.

I reminded her that we had never exchanged any paperwork. Then her story changed and she produced a text form my wife with our address. But still, no papers were received. She said she would send them again and to let her know if we do not receive. I waited another 20 days presently and now she will not respond to calls, voicemails, text messages or Facebook messeges.

I just want the registration for my dog nothing more. I started to do a little research on Lazy D Aussie ranch and have found that since 2010 there have been multiple claims with the exact senario. On claims they did genetic testing and that the dogs genes show that it's inbred. And is not desease free.

It all makes since that I was ripped off buying a $500 max dollar dog for $2000. If pay enough attention to her picture on sites. You can see that she is just another one of them nasty kennel breeders. So I feel better knowing that I saved an animal from an inhuman facility .

  • Oct 25, 2018

I sent $2450 to Lazy D Ranch Dara Pearce June 22nd 2018. I never got the female nor my money back. I have an attorney but it has not helped. I am in Pa she is in AZ. She is using our money to pay her bills. She told me everything was in the envelope for shipping. That was a lie. Dog was not even on a plane. She agreed to send my money back because I waited all summer for the b***h named Arizona. She said she had no money because she has to pay bills and feed her animals. I have contacted every breed club. And not one gave me a good report about her. Akc said the litter was not registered. I do have proof of everything I say. I offered her to make payments. She said she would send $500 Monday a month ago. Then her attorney wants to offer me $50 a month. BS.

PayPal will not refund my money because it was sent Friends and family. Also found 4 other people going through similar issues with her.

I sent complaints to BBB Attorney General and Animal Control. I do not understand how this girl can sleep at night. And she says God Bless on her website... She just keeps selling puppies and will not refund my money. She ignores all contact attempts. And yes. I signed her contract. But that's meaningless I guess. . She tells me she promises to pay me back. But has sold 5 puppies so far and I have not seen a penny. How can you trust someone that does not ship the dog..says akc papers are in the envelope. Note.. Per akc litter is not registered.Then says they have $500. And will send it Monday a month ago. She is a liar .Spent my money prior to me having possession of the dog and tells me I will get my money in her time. Not mine. These are facts. Have documented all conversation and text plus attorneys back and forth.

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