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Lawn Star

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Wilmington
Address 1315 portsmouth place
Phone 910-538-560

Lawn Star Reviews

  • Mar 15, 2023

Billy Powell, The owner of this company is a complete sham, Drug Addict, Aderol Abuser, Alcoholic and Female Abuser/Sex Addict. He spends his nights, in his rental house at 1513 Portsmouth place in Wilmington, N.C. downstairs in a disgusting bar he created, he calls "The 10 buck Tavern" from a Christian Familys home, doing drugs and getting drunk, manipulating women to somehow sleep with his disgusting self, praying on the weak minded, borrowing money to fund his business, he's driven into the ground, due to his inability to get up and go to work because of his Crack and alcohol addiction. He shorts his employee's pay, whenever he sees fit. He over charges clients for extra services, to utilize goods they pay for, for himself. Physically abuses his employees and lies every other breath to clients. Sends his p***s pictures to his workers and Nephew, who is the crew leader during the day, while we are all running his business. WTF? He's a local boy, so Most of these old folks trust him but when they service lawns, they don't Pick up sticks, pine combs. They just mow it over, do a half a*s job and leave. How these people, find this acceptable, is absolutely unbelievable. This is Not how a professional landscape crew, conducts themselves. He rarely shows up, never answers emergency calls from the guys running his business, meanwhile laying in bed ordering door dash 3 times a day. This guy is a complete joke and a complete Ripoff. If you are using this company, do yourself a favor and hire true professionals. He also does not tax his employee's and has been evading paying taxes under the name Lawn Star for 15 plus years. We just blew the whistle to the I R.S so hopefully, he'll go right where he belongs. I suggest, in the meantime everyone steer clear of LAWN STAR

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