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LaVista Auto Plex

Country United States
State Nebraska
City La Vista
Address 7301 S 85th St,
Phone 402-592-2920

LaVista Auto Plex Reviews

  • Sep 2, 2015

While employed at LaVista Auto Plex, I witnessed the following:

1- A customer, who had already signed a contract for the sale and financing of a Chevy SUV, was called back in to sign a new contract for a higher sale price of the vehicle. This change was made after the owner, Jeff Giandinoto, discovered that the lender would finance more than previously believed. The customer signed the new papers under the pretense that the old contract was flawed, when in fact it was not.

2- A customer came in to purchase a vehicle, selected one, and began the financing process. He provided pay stubs, which the owner, Jeff Giandinoto, had an employee alter to reflect a higher income, in order to attain financing.

3- On several occasions, a purposefully incorrect description of the vehicle was given to lenders in order to increase the amount of financing the vehicle was eligible for.

4- Also, on countless occasions, customers' credit reports were checked without the customer's knowledge.


Des Moines, Iowa


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