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Lavish Skin Care

Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address 3760 W McFadden Ave #B602
Phone (877) 637-4555

Lavish Skin Care Reviews

  • Sep 6, 2016

Made an appointment in April 2016 for 2. Had to pay $200 deposit to make the appointments. Appointment was for October 20,2016 Cancelled both appointments on September 5, 2016. Contacted Brandi Snyder, the owner of Lavish Beauty in Lake Mary, asking for a refund. She refused stating that it was company policy not to issue refunds and I knew that when I booked the appointment. 1. False. I booked through Style Seat. If you go on the app and look up Lavish Beauty, click on the info tab, It states that refunds are given if appointments are cancelled at least 24 hrs ahead of appointment. I sent Brandi Snyder the screen prints.

She replied with screen prints from her actual company website that shows no refunds for cancellations. 2. Even if it is their policy, that practice is purely unethical. Keeping $200 for no reason, with ample cancellation notice and a waiting list supposedly quite long when cancelled appointments can be easily filled by others is unethical and immoral.

This is completely wrong and I consider it theft with or without stated policies on their website. Just because its written, doesn't make it right. Its also quite interesting Brandi Snyder has an Honesty tattoo on her arm. Clearly honesty is not her virtue. Read all of the reviews on google and yelp on this business and beware. She only posts her raving reviews on Instagram and hides behind her contracts and policies.

  • Feb 29, 2016

Availed of their free trial promo, with no strings attached. Just pay for the postage for the items. Got my trial pack. To my surprise, about two to three weeks later, I received another delivery of the same products. Surprised as I didnot place an order.

Then just now, I see two billings on my credit card bill for $86.15 from Riz Lavish Skin.

  • Sep 25, 2015

I saw this ad on Facebook - free trial of Lavish skincare. I was not given an opportunity to reject the Neudermis - it was added automatically. I don't remember seeing anything about recurring shipment. Six weeks later I received a 2nd unordered shipment. The products do not work and when I called to return the shipment, I was offered a reduced price for future orders. I refused and asked to return it. I was offered a 75% refund. The customer service rep was pleasant and did mention that I needed to call a 2nd number to cancel my Neudermis order. When I called the number, it was disconnected and had to re-call. The person who answered was the same person from the previous call but she put me on hold and a different rep came on the phone. When I asked to cancel I was given an opportunity for a discount but they would not take back the product nor would I get any kind of a refund. Shame on me for not reading the fine print closer but hopefully my experience will help someone else.

  • Sep 23, 2015

This company offers a 2 week free trial of thier products, nowhere does it say that there will be recurring charges if you do not cancell. I did not like the product so I thought that was it. 2 weeks after they shipped my two products for a 2 week FREE trial they billed my credit card $178.00 30 days later another $89.00 was billed totaling $267.00 in one month. I have cancelled my credit card filed a dispute finally got a hold of them by phone and told them to stop any further shipments.

P.S. the product does not work!

  • Aug 27, 2015

I was ordering a $4.95 sample of a product NeuDermis Cream and NeuDermis eye cream- also for $4.95. Somewhat I get switched over to Lavish Skin Care sample. I thoroughly looked over the site to make sure I was not signing up for something I had to cancel or was agreeing to anything besides a sample. I get a sample from neudermis; charge on cc is precious eye - with no phone number. When they tried to charge me $88.78 two weeks later - I disputed it with cc and the charge was reversed and dropped.

Lavish Skin Care billed my credit card two weeks later $89.73 from incredibleksin, el cajon, ca. with no phone number. I disputed it with my cc and they -Wang Marketing, incredible skin provided my cc company with copy of websites and boxes I never checked and actually is not even the product I was sampling or received. This company can't possibly be around for long -- totally bogus in my opinion.

I will take it one level higher with my cc company - but imagine Wang Marketing have perfected their response to the disputed claim. I am sure they get plenty of them.

  • Aug 24, 2015

These companies advertise anti-aging creams with nearly miraculous results, as attested to by "many famous actors and other celebrities", whose names are not given, but photos are published. They advertise a Free Trial with payment of only shipping charges.

When credit card information for the shipping charges is entered, there typically is very faint and small type at the bottom of the page advising that continuing with the shipping payment will result in a payment of around $90 per month unless the trial period is cancelled within a few days of receipt (typically 14 to 24 days total).

The scammers will frequently change their name and description of the product, but close reading of the advertisements will disclose exactly the same testimonials and submitters for many different products. The exact prices and terms also differ, but all involve committing to a monthly charge to your credit card.

Complaints are typically "resolved" by offering a partial refund of the first month's shipment.

  • Aug 14, 2015

This product was advertized as a monrha "Free Trial" of their beauty cream, but is actually a TIMED trial...where you are charged the 4.95 shipping and 15 days from the ORDER DATE, your credit card is charged 89 dollars for the trial samples that you received.

I was alerted by a complaint filed here as I was googling to see what the cost would be to order and called immediately. I missed the deadline by one day and don't see anyway out of paying the 89 dollars for my FREE trial. I am sure the details are in the fine print and I just missed seeing or understanding it. But I still think the advertisements are misleading and have sadly learned an important lesson.

Unfortunately, the product does seem to work, but i am on Social Security and 89.00 a month is way to much for me to pay for something medically unnecessary. I would have, though, made purchases when I could manage it if they had responed more sypatheticly. Not now....ever!!! Diane

  • Aug 14, 2015

Do not order any skin care or wrinkle cream products from online ads. They advertise them as a sample for shipping cost only. What they don't say is that if you don't dig around online to find their Internet address, and cancel; you will be sent automatic shipments every 2 weeks or monthly, charging you close to $100 for each shipment!

i had to get someone from my credit card company to call with me, and even then I got only partial refunds.

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