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Lakeview Mediation Solutions

Country United States
State California
City Fontana
Address 9161 Sierra Avenue
Phone (877) 237-9810

Lakeview Mediation Solutions Reviews

  • Nov 17, 2019

I receive a voicemail from this company where I couldn't understand anything in the message except the return number and some ref number. I called them back and the guy who answered asked my name etc. I told him that they just called me, he then proceeded to yell at me that I called him and he wasn't a mind reader. I said I had a ref number.

He then proceeded to yell at me about someone I'm not nor know. I told him I'm not that person which was a males name. He then began yelling at me again cursing that he could clearly hear I wasnt the actual man but obviously his wife or girlfriend...WRONG!

I tried explaining when he just started yelling for me to tell him my name and phone number to prove I don't know the guy, as if my personal info can prove that...clearly phishing. He then told me that my caller ID was coming up with that guy's name and that I should give him my phone number and he'll text me a pic of his caller ID!

Okay, another phishing lie, if my info was on his caller ID even with that wrong name, why not just use it to text me this phony pic. But, no matter that logic. I told the guy I'm NOT who he's looking for, not married to them nor dating nor know them at all. He starts yelling to give him my personal information .

I just yelled that if he calls me again I'll call the cops. These fellas are phishing for your personal information to do god only knows what. The call wasn't very long but the guy managed to yell, insult AND curse at me in the short call. Extremely RUDE!!

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