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Lake Louisa State Park

Country United States
State Florida
City Clermont
Address 7305 US-27
Phone 1 352-394-3969

Lake Louisa State Park Reviews

  • Sep 19, 2022

Park Ranger Josi Galvan and Rachel Nunlist of Lake Louisa State Park lies to us and misrepresented state law to us during a recent visit to Lake Louisa State Park.

When I and a family member tried to enter the park with a recent'y obtained annual pass, Josi Galvan refused to let us pass, claiming that we had to pay park fees despite presenting an annual pass that had been obtained by the park in May of 2022.

When we explained to her that we had all of the receipts to prove, she swore at me and demanded that I pay or leave Lake Louisa State Park. She said that the state laws has changed and that she refused to honor my lifetime pass. She treated me inhumanely and should be fired from her position as park ranger at Lake Louisa State Park.

Josi Galvan was rude, threatening and bellicose in her commuications with me. We had already obtained an annual pass and found her lack of flexibility to be consistent with boarderloine personality disorder (I am a clionical psychologist by profession).

Josi Galvan in my experience as a representative of state parks provides a view of what park rangers should aspire not to be, as she was incredibly rude to me and another family member who hdealt with her in a separate encounter.

She should be demoted and fired immediately for the sake and good of the general public and the people of Clermont and in the best interest of the good park-goers of Lake Louisa State Park.

Please call to support complaints against Josi Galvan (352-394-3969) and please also call her superior Rachel Nunlist (352-2679-6531) to remind then that they are paid by the state through our tax dollars and should be kind of park goers and not take out their anger and frustrations needlessly.

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