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Ladlow's Fine Furniture

Country United States
State Arizona
City Scottsdale
Address 16000 N Scottsdale Rd
Phone 480-609-5000

Ladlow's Fine Furniture Reviews

  • Nov 23, 2016

Buyers Beware! Ladlows Furniture Store states that they have "Quality products and Excellent customer service. ". This is not the experience I got from Ladlows, the leather couch I received had a manufacture defect. But, worst of all the service I got from the Customer Service Relations Manager was appalling. He was accusatory and had a JEYKELL and HYDE personality. I had purchased a very expensive leather couch from them on Feb 2013 and noticed in December 2016 that my leather couch did not look right. I live in Canada and come to Scottsdale as my vacation place therefore my leather couch is hardly used, for example we only come down 1-2 months at a time during the year. We come down only twice a year therefore I do not expect my couch to be worn out or damaged. I called their customer service and was told sorry but the warranty is only good for 1 year. I explained to her what was happening to the couch and she said yes that does happen and made a suggestion that I can try fixing it myself. ( issue: front bottom panel of leather couch billowing out) or call their repair guy, please note I was responsible for paying as the warranty is out. I tried calling the guy she had referred to me but did not receive a phone call back.

So, I did my own research and called another company to come and see if he can fix it. The person told me he does some work for Carol from Ladlows so that made me feel very confident in him. I had him fix my couch for $125.00 I decided to call and reach out to Ladlows customer relations service manager ( Micheal S. ) He finally returned my call so I explained to him the situation and he admitted that they had issues like mine with my leather couch that it was a manufacturer defect and the person who fixed my couch also said the same thing manufacturer defect. I was asking to be reimbursed for the $125.00 because even though the one year warranty was up they knew they had this issue before about my couch. At first, Micheal was very pleasant saying he will try to get reimbursement then changed his mind and said he will have someone from Ladlows to pick up my couch and they will try to fix it better. I then get a phone call from the guy who repaired my couch so I was very confused to what was happening, he told me that Michael had called him to call me. I immediately called Micheal back and was totally shocked to hear his accusatory that I was lying to him. It was like I was talking to a different man, he was not pleasant and his tone of voice was getting very loud. I had to tell him to calm down and tried telling him he is misunderstanding. He was insisting that I was lying to him about using the Internet, I told him of course I had to use the Internet to look up who can fix my couch besides the one I was referred to. I also told him I don't have a phone book so Internet is the only way to look up numbers . I reiterated to him to put himself in my place if he bought the couch knowingly it is hardly used and then was told I had to fix it myself ? I am left wondering why Michael was so upset that I called another company to fix my couch and when I was I told to try and fix it myself ???

Bottom line is that I feel Ladlows should of taken care of the issue when I had called them and not tell me to fix it myself or call the person she was recommending. They should not be advertising " Excellent Customer Srevice". It is horrifying to be dealing with a JEYKELL and HYDE customer service manager. As a consumer, one would surely expect quality furniture from Ladlows especially paying the price they are asking for. In my case I got a manufacturer defect and a horrifying customer service from Ladlows. Lesson learned, just because you are paying big dollars does not equate to excellent customer service or quality furniture from Ladlows. The solution would be Ladlows should hire people who have expertise in customer service.

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