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LAC+USC Medical Center

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 2051 Marengo St
Phone 323-409-1000

LAC+USC Medical Center Reviews

  • Feb 1, 2018

I was in the emergency room because an extreme case of vertigo, they gave me a cat scan, after, while i was laying on my side trying to survive vertigo( left eye rapid movement, nauseus, equilibrium gone a dr entered my room out of breath. Speaking quickly he informed me of a weak blood vessel in my brain found during the cat scan and then told me i am going to stroke and to try to look at him because he had an important question for me to answer. He said" can you tell me what there is about yourself that is special enough for me to offer my time fixing your weak vein."? My eyes teared up. He stood there for a moment, looked at his watch and then left. I wanted so bad to answer but i knew if i tried to speak id only vomit. He was the head of Neurology and i was there with no insurance, he was offering to help me for free. Even now that i can answer i would not beg that man. Im still standing. I still have the weak vein.

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