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Labelle Dodge Chrysler Jeep, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City LaBelle
Address 501 S Main St
Phone 863-675-2701

Labelle Dodge Chrysler Jeep, Inc. Reviews

  • May 13, 2018

On april 14th I traded my 2016 Jeep Wrangler in for a 2018 Dodge Ram. I was told by the finance Manager at Labelle Plattner Dodge that they would pay off jeep before my next jeep payment would be due, which is on May 25th. They got a 10 day payoff.

26 days later my bank that I have the Jeep financed thru is calling me, telling me that my payment is past due and that I need to make the payment. I explained to them that I traded it in, they told me I am still responsible for it that the loan has NOT been paid off. I contaced my sells rep right away to see if they sold my jeep, she told me it had been sold weeks ago. I asked her how can they sell it if they havent paid my loan off yet, that the Title is not clear and still has a lien. And that I am still legally responsible for the debt and jeep. She told me to call the manager.

I called Labelle Dodge and was told by the manager that I would have to call their corporate office because they are the ones that write the payoff checks. He gave me the number to the office in Sarasota.

I spoke to Brandi, (receptionist) and told her what I needed, she told me that she would have Jennifer return my call because she was the one that handled it in the office.

Next day- NO one has returned my call. I call corporate again, talked Brandi again, this time she tells me that they are in the middle of transitioning, and that no one can help me at this time, that NO one is writing pay off checks. And that all she can do is leave a message.

I call labelle dodge speak to the Manager Mike, he now tells me that they are aware of Corporate not paying off loans, that it has been an on going problem, he apologizes and offers me 4 free gas fill ups, and tells me that he himself is looking for another job.

I contact DMV and am told to file a complaint form, Roxy tells me that Plattner Dodge is under the DMV raidar at this time. They have had numerous complaints, and they were going to be investigated.

I post on my facebook about the issue I am having, it gets shared and commented on over 300x, people from all over the state of florida comment and message me about the same issues they are having with Plattner. Some have been calling corporate for over 3 months with no resolution, and have made more than 2 payments of vehicles that they traded in and were not paid off, but sold already.

Fox 4 has reached out to me as well as lawyers.

Over 30 days and still no call back from corporate, I have called every day and each time I speak to Brandi, who likes to remind me that she is only the receptionist and can only leave a message. I informed Miss Brandi that Fox 4 would be calling her, that maybe she could relay that message more quickly.

I found the person that purchased my jeep from dodge, he has a temp tag on it, and was told his tag would be coming in two weeks, its been two weeks already. He told me he financed it thru BB&T. And he was unaware that there was still a lien on it. Feel free to look me up on facebook. Leah Saxon labelle, florida and read my post and peoples comments. Its public. I am not a disgruntled employee, I am a consumer who has been scammed and am looking to put a stop to this company frauding more innocent people.

Search Google for Doug Plattner ; Plattner Automotive; you will see where there are 100's of complaints. Lawsuits, and even media scam reports on him and the company.

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