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LA Vice Motors

Country United States
State California
City San Pedro
Address 699 w. 9th St.
Phone 310-872-9228

LA Vice Motors Reviews

  • Aug 14, 2017

Where do I start... Bought a diesel truck from Austin on 7/22/17. The guy is the spitting image of a piece of sh*t guido car salesman. Promises you the world and swears up and down his vehicles are top notch. LAUGH MY a*s OFF! Consumers be very aware of whatever car you are wanting to purchase from this snake. 7/15/17 we set up an appointment to view the truck we were interested in. We are about to leave my house,( we live 2 hours away), and he told me it was at the shop and to just go see his, "mechanic". I show up, the mechanic is a young guy trying to fix an "issue". We test drive it with the mechanic because Austin was running late. Mechanic tells us the truck is in excellent condition, new parts everywhere and he did a thorough inspection. The mechanic said he was 3 generations deep with his knowledge on cars. Great!

So I bought the diesel truck from this a*swad on 7/22/17. As soon as I got home, oil spilled everywhere. So I got an on call mechanic to diagnose it and get it fixed right. Granted Austin paid for that and the part to get fixed. 7/29/17, I take the truck out of town and come home to an additional oil spill. Take it to 2 mechanics to make sure the diagnosis was correct. Rear main seal is done and this guy or his "3 generation deep" mechanic covered it up with sealant and bondo. Both mechanics stated the vehicle should've never left the lot in that condition and it was severely Mickey? Moused. I called Austin and told him the deal, said he would pay for it if I found a cheaper quote. I found a cheaper quote and now he is nowhere to be found nor heard of. I really hope you look closely at the vehicle that catches your eye on his lot, because they're all s**t cars with hardly any life left in them. Let me add one more thing about his "financing". Get your own before you go! His loan people are called "DL Auto Lux" in Westminster, CA. Not only did she try to add more money on my loan, she was shoving gap insurance on the loan and told me I HAD TO pay for it.

I called my local credit union I was getting the loan from and they stated she applied everything $1,000 more and added gap insurance without my consent. She told me I would have to put more money down because my credit union told her I have too many loans out, FALSE B*CH! I called her, politely told her to take all that sh* off now or there will be NO SALE. Austin and his loan people are snakes. Please please please do your homework and buy a car from a reputable dealer. I got screwed and I'm now deeper into this truck financially. 8/2/17: Just got a call from my mechanic. Austin "paid" for a repair the day we got home and the truck basically fell apart. He cancelled the transaction with his credit card company and stated he wasn't "satisfied with the service". Now my mechanic is out of money for the repair. This is the type of stuff you hear/see on TV. BUYERS BEWARE, this guy is a HUGE piece of sh*. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS DUDE! All of his reviews on Facebook & Yelp are all from his family & friends. No real customer has left an honest review. This guy is a huge snake! He's got to somehow keep his condo by the beach up and running, he will screw over anyone he can.

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