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Kylea Lynn Jenness

Country United States
State Florida
City Brooksville

Kylea Lynn Jenness Reviews

  • Jan 9, 2022

She breeds bullies and frechies. She definitely gives other breeders a bad name. If I was a breeder or a potential customer I would stay as far away from this mess of a lady. I bought my first puppy from her and she was sick and I never received my papers. She also went crazy bipolar on me in the Walmart parking lot for no reason..I've never experience anything like this before.. it was scary.

I know there's crazy people out there. She was acting nice when she wants to sell you a puppy but after she received my money her personality and attitude changed fast. I bought my puppy from kj back in May 2021 and it's now January 10, 2022. I still have no papers and have huge vet bills. I've called her she hangs up and I text her she never response back.

I've reached out nicely on her instagram page kyleajenness and she blocked me..I just want others to know the kind of person she is.. I should have done my research on her.. Google her name for yourself.. she's a breeder that steals dogs from other breeders. She just happen to get caught a few times. KARMA KYLEA WILL ALWAYS CATCH UP WITH YOU!

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