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Kurt Chase

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Phone 949-874-0401

Kurt Chase Reviews

  • Sep 2, 2016

Kurt Chase contacted me on multiple dating sites. After reading the previous sites, it's obvious he targets single mothers. He claims to be the son of the original Hormel Foods founder and is VERY knowledgeable in the industry. So much so, that he never once stuttered or fell off his facts. I too am in the industry and work with Wal-Mart. He showed a lie today when he claimed the same thing a second time but using a different scenario. Therefore making me dig more online before I agreed to meet him and possibly work for the company on the supplier side. I found this site and these claims. It's very disappointing because I was about to quit my job and branch onto his. I am sorry for the others who have been victims and even more sorry for any woman who was violated. However, these people exist and unfortunately there isn't much we can do other than expose them like we have. You all saved me by writing your experiences and I hope mine saves the next person. Best of luck to everyone.

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