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Kunes CDJR of Woodstock

Country United States
State Illinois
City Woodstock
Address 1790 South Eastwood Dr
Phone 833-545-6191

Kunes CDJR of Woodstock Reviews

  • Jul 31, 2022

I purchased a used car from a local dealership. RIght off the bad the salesmen had completely (UNETHICAL SALES TACTICS ). Showed me the number i wanted to see,( but in fine print had it at bi-weekly payments) Who the hell pays their car bi-weekly.

Second they gave me to key fobs. One didnt work at all, the second one keeps disengating from the computer and i have to mess with it to start the car every so often…. Its really annoying. Not to mention the keyless entry doesnt work at all because of this. When I called the sales guy a week later after I figured this all out… the sales men was no longer working there and they basically told me it was my problem and I would have to pay the 400 PER KEY FOB to have it fixed.

The third and most MAJOR PROBLEM is the car is leaking water like a dam siv. My back seat area and into the drivers foot area are constantly wet and is now MOLDING. The dealership wont return my calls, I even called the owner directly and he didnt return my calls.

I left a complaint with the BBB, and have contacted The woodstock Chamber of commerce as well (The dealership is Kunes in Woodstock Il. 60098. I should have did my homework prior to purchasing the car….their BBB RATING is a D-

At this point I dont know what to do other than try to sue them. I cant sell the car in the condition it is in… I cant even trade it in as I own too much on it.. Im pretty much F’d at this point. So now Im trying to make as much noise and trying to bring as much attention to this dealership as possible in hopes it will light a fire unders someones a*s there to FIX MY PROBLEM!!! THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE SOLD THIS CAR PERIOD!!!!

Please help me…..I dont know what else I can do.

Ken Fukuhara


Pro-Cleaners Restoration Services LLC

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