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Krzysik Henry J

Country United States
State Arizona
City Tucson
Address 7301 E 22nd St
Phone 520-327-4846

Krzysik Henry J Reviews

  • Nov 29, 2017

Hank (The s***k) Kryzsic was introduced to me by Ron Krewson a representative of Owner Built Custom Homes of Tucson, whom I later found out had a slew of Law Suits filed against him in the Phoenix area. When you enter Kryzsik's office one sees the wall filled with Religious crosses which gives the appearance of an Highly Religious Honest person. Unfortunately as I later found out this was just a facade.

Krzysik pulled out a plan for a house that I liked and gave him a list of several changes that I wanted on the plans. Which included 400 Amp Electrical Service instead of 200 Amp service. Block all the way up to the Gables.

Small windows in all of the rooms. No windows in the garage. Attic Storage Space. The three other Bedrooms all the same size.

Larger Rooms. No Jack and Jill Bathroom. Flush mount Ceiling Lights in all of the Rooms. All of the rooms the same and the Great Room consisting of the Kitchen and a Family Room

Krzysik did not go over trhe plans with me, and took the plans down to the permit department where they were turned down because of the speciications in one area of the foundation that did not meet County Code. Krzysik then took the plans to Talavera Engineering which is not in good standing in the state of Arizona and proved later to utilize sub-standard quality engineering abilities.

Krzysik charged me for the engineereing change and resubmitted the plans. I presumed that Krzysik made the changes that I wanted as he plays on the facade that he is very religious and I did not find out till after the house was being built, as the General Destruction CONtractor did not go over the plans with me either that the plans did not contain the changes that I reuested.

On the Plans,Krzysik did not have flush mount ceiling lights in the Bedrooms. The windows in all of the rooms and the bathrooms were much larger then I requested. There was no Attic Storage Space.

The Great room consisted of the Dining Room and the Family Room instead of the Kitchen and the Family Room. There was 200 Amp Electrical Service instead of the 400 Amp service that I requested. The Garage Door Openers were on the same circuit as the Lights in the Garage which is Incredibly Stupid.

The Block on the West side of the House did not go up to the gables. The Walk in Closet was way too large and consisted of wasted space that could have been utilized elsewhere. Bedrooms two and three had walk in closets but the fourth bedroom was smaller and had useless small closet.

There was a window in the Garage which was not wanted. Rollling Shutters were not built in as was also requested. The Garager had 10 foot ceilings with 8 foot doors.

The house entry door from the Garage is way too small. The electrical plans are horrible and too cluttered up. The second bathroom is too large, it has 2 sinks and the toilet in its own room without an electrical outlet.

The scond should have been made into 2 full bathrooms. There is a shelf on top of the wall in the family room that was not wanted and there is a space for a picture or trinkets on the wall which is doubled where on the other side is the second bathroom.

This is also a wast of 8 inches of space that could have been utilized tomake another room larger. The door in room 4 opens to the right and there is a space whichh is a waste where nothing can be put as the door will not be able to open all the way. In one of the other rooms thare is a cubby hole that is too small to put a desk or a computer.

There was a water collection tank on the west side of the house on the plans that was not requested. Krzysik took the plans that he drew up for another client made some minor changes put my name on them and charged me full price for something that was not what I wanted.

These plans as is the Pseudo Architect are pathetic. When I called Krzysik and told him that he did not make the changes that I requested, his reply was that the plans are just a guide to go by. I find Kryzsiks architectural abilities to be Mediocre at best.

I would never recommed Krzysik who is a pathetic psuedo Architect who puts on the facde of being a honest religious person to anyone

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