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Kristine Mirelle

Country United States
State Alabama

Kristine Mirelle Reviews

  • Aug 4, 2022

She still at it! Selling the false hope of instantly getting paid gigs at various hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants and casinos without mentioning a TIP JAR while having to perform 3-4 hours straight of cover music! And you BETTER have hundreds of covers lined up if you're doing this several times a week!

She does these live tutorial sessions in the hopes to sucker folks into paying 1K - 5K to be signed to her "booking agency" claiming to send people on various paid gigs even though there are NO videos of their performances!

Her "success story"of helping Troy Romzek get $1500 a week gigs is a bunch a bull since she leaves out the fact he was a child Hollywood and Disney actor! She still leaves out her time on X Factor in several episodes is the key reasons to landing paid gigs fast!

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