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Kristin Woulfe, LLC.

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Saint Paul
Address 475 Cleveland Ave N #220
Phone 651-414-1080

Kristin Woulfe, LLC. Reviews

  • Aug 21, 2019

If I Could Choose Negative Stars....

$16k, twelve months and a final report of two pages which was based on a fiction Kristin created in her mind. A dispute over custody brought on due to my ex being such a jerk to his kids that they refuse to go with him on his parent time. He has more money than intelligence so thought this awful process would force the kids back into his hateful arms. He accused me of being a slut, drunk and poor parent at every turn and I sowed evidence of his lies. In the end, nothing mattered. Kunt Woulfe did not give him what he wanted but she also took $16k (just from me) and dragged this on for 12 months. Ridiculous. Avoid using her at all costs. She will drain you both financially and emotionally.

  • Jan 31, 2019

Kristin Woulfe is perfect if you want a decision to drag out 8 months

Kristine Woulfe was hired as a parental evaluator to assist in resolving several disagreements between my ex-spouse and myself. My ex offered that we were drug addict, alcoholics who abused the children. We are both professionals with no criminal backgrounds, incidents or history of any of the claims. Kristin Woulfe took eight months and more than $12,000 to resolve the matter. A blind, deaf alien could have resolved the situation faster - but then the alien would not have been paid $12k. The unnecessary anxiety, cost and energy Kristin Woulfe brought to our family was wholly avoidable. Choose another evaluator your sanity and bank account will thank you.

  • Jun 22, 2016

Kristin Woulfe of Kristin Woulfe, LLC was contracted to deliver services on a few very specific requests and was paid over $3,000. She claimed she was "appointed by the court" but that was not true. Not only did she not deliver on the consulting services she was paid to do, she failed to respond to the complaints. When actually contracted in active service, she took two weeks or more to respond to questions or concerns. Kristin Woulfe of Kristin Woulfe, LLC, took payments and did not refund any payments when complaints were made to her directly.

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