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Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 10333 Harwin Dr
Phone 281-738-3227

Kourvosieur Reviews

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  • Jan 28, 2016

It all started when I purchased a Abbyss by Abby Jolie Gown color bronze size XS dress. They charged me $163.38 for the dress and that included shipping and tax. I was in a hurry to buy this dress so I made a quick purchase online on Kourvosieur. It took about 3 days for them to process my card and then shipping took like 2-3 days. I ordered an XS like it even says on the receipt of my order, when I received the dress it was a Small. I'm not a Small therefore the dress they had sent me was no use for me so I immediately emailed them about this issue telling them that they had sent me the wrong size and I asked them to send me a pre-paid shipping label so I can ship this dress back to them and receive a refund once they receive it. After this incident i did not want to waste my time with this boutique anymore, this dress was needed immediately and they had sent me the wrong size. The replied they sent me said, and I quote, "We actually do have an XS doll. We will get it to you right away and refund your shipping as soon as we receive it. no problem... ok send it back with a note stating what you need with your order number." I told them how I don't think it's professional of them to make the customer pay for a shipping label to return the dress back to Kourvosieur when it was their fault I was sent the wrong dress size and that they should send me a pre-paid shipping label instead of me having to pay for the shipping myself. They insisted on letting me allow them to fix their mistake and I told them that I was a little hesitant of sending back the dress and having myself pay for shipping instead of them sending me a pre-paid shipping label because of what had happened. They told me they would refund my shipping costs as soon as they receive the dress. I didn't answer their email and a day went by and I received an email from them again saying "Hey doll! Are you still planning on returning the dress? If so we will refund your shipping as soon as you send the tracking and we will overnight correct size but it has to be by Saturday or there will be a delay until next week. Thanks". I ended up dropping off the dress at the post office since they had repeatedly said that they would refund me my full shipping costs that I had to pay in order for the dress to get back to them. I payed $35.20 for the 2 day delivery and it was delivered to their P.O. Box on Monday, January 25th at 3:00pm. The package included a signature for them to sign when they receive it, and they did sign so I know they received my order. I also sent them pictures of the package and receipt for proof and emailed them the tracking number of the order so they know I had delivered it. They told me they didn't receive my proof pictures through email so I re-sent them and also sent them to their Instagram direct messages so they can receive it there forsure. They stopped replying to me so I made a fake email account under the name Keity and asked them a question. I was curious to see if they would reply to the fake email and they did! I emailed them through my personal email again and told them "I find it funny how you can reply to Keity but you can't even reply to my messages anymore. I know you received my package because tracking says you did and it included a signature which was signed in order for you to get it. This issue is important. I knew this boutique wasn't trust worthy at all, I expect my shipping costs returned in my bank account like you said ($35.20) and a tracking number for the correct size dress (XS) you will deliver back to me, as soon as possible or we're going to have a problem. I cannot be wasting any more time and I've been needing this dress for the longest time now. I hope you know I don't have an issue with reporting this boutique if I don't receive my shipping money back with the correct sized dress I ordered." They replied with saying "We received your tracking. We do apologize our owner had surgery so there has been a delay in answering the emails that only she knows the answer to. We are true to our word and will give you the refund and correct size. Thanks". I asked them "when would the refund and correct size come though?". Shortly after I got an email saying that I have been refunded the shipping costs back into my account and they sent me a tracking number of the correct size dress they're sending back to me but, when I go open the email it states the amount I have been refunded, $14.99. I made it very clear on various emails that I payed $35.20 for the shipping not $14.99. I emailed them saying "The money still hasn't gone to my account but when it does I will let you know and I'm calling my bank to confirm that you are refunding me. I got an email saying You refunded me $14.99 when I stated clearly that I payed $35.20 for the shipping to get back to you so where is the rest of the money. I'm missing $20.21. If you wanted me deliver the package back to you with a cheap postage of $14.99 you could've said so. I want my $20.21 I'm missing from my $35.20 shipping I payed for 2 days shipping because Latasha told me that if I send it later than Saturday there would be a delay. I sent you pictures to your Instagram page of proof and the amount i payed and it is even printed on the package. If I don't get my full $35.20 I'm going to make sure I report this boutique to the authorities. Refund me the other $20.21 asap I will not be wasting more time with this." They replied with a short response of "It does take a couple days to show up." Not even answering regarding what I had said. I emailed them again and said "Ok so where is the rest of my money? I payed $35.20 for the 2 day shipping and you guys only refunded me $14.99. I'm missing $20.21." They didn't reply to me so I emailed them a long message saying "I'm still waiting on a response on when am I going to get my full $35.20 shipping money back. It was not my fault you guys shipped me the wrong size therefore Latasha offered that she would refund me my shipping when I send the dress back to the boutique and deliver back the correct size because of this issue. I was told by Latasha that she would refund me my FULL money that I payed for shipping, not only $14.99 which isn't even half of what I payed for. I'm missing $20.21 that you guys need to refund me asap in order for it to be a complete $35.20 of the shipping that I payed for. You guys claim you are "true to your word" yet don't even refund me my full amount that I payed for. I made it very clear stating on different emails we've sent to each other that the amount I payed was $35.20 not $14.99 or any other amount so I don't know what you misunderstood. And the tracking number you gave me is not even a tracking number that indicates that my package with my correct XS size is back on its way to me it just indicates that the boutique has notified USPS to expect a package for mailing. It does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date so I'm still waiting on you guys to actually drop off my XS dress in the mail in order for an actual delivery status to pop up, it shouldn't take you guys that long to ship since Latasha told me on previous emails that there actually are Abbyss by Abby Jolie Gowns in Bronze size XS available in stock unless you guys lied about that too. Going back to the shipping issue if you guys refuse to refund me back my remaining $20.21 that I'm missing so it will be a complete $35.20 let me know so I can report this boutique as soon as possible. This issue wouldn't have happened if this boutique was more responsible with their orders, according to some bad reviews I've seen online I'm not the first person this has happened to. Other people may not have taken matters to the extreme with their orders and bad experiences but I'm not other people and I would take matters to the extreme and file a report if I do not receive the missing $20.21 from the shipping and my Abbyss by Abby Jolie Gown in bronze size XS. I have enough proof of the emails we've exchanged in order to be able to file a report so I hope you know I wouldn't have a problem doing so." They are continuing to ignore my emails and I have yet to see a reply from them. This boutique is super unprofessional for ignoring such an important issue like this. I am checking every day for an actual shipping status to actually pop up from the tracking number they sent me. If I do not receive the correct size XS dress I payed $163.38 + the $20.21 I'm missing of the shipping costs they said they would refund me I am considering on going to the police with this case. I refuse to lose my money. I advise everyone who reads this report to save yourself the trouble of probably going through what I'm going through and do not shop with Kourvosieur. They are irresponsible with their orders and a waste of time. I only wish I had read the bad reviews before ordering from them. I cannot wait to receive my FULL shipping cost back along with the correct size dress and never shop here again.

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  • Nov 24, 2015

I was browsing on Instagram and I found this clothing page called kourvosieur apparel and I like the style and I went to their website and I end up purchasing $370 for 3 dresses and I was happy until I experience the worst customer service and the most unprofessional shady people.

So they email me that the blue dress I purchased is not available and they offer me a different color, keep in mind that that I also bought a black dress and a white dress on top on the blue dress which apparently out of stock but they have it on the same style but on a different color which is black, red and beige. I responded back that " I really want to blue color dress because I just ordered one black dress and a white dress and I have lots of red dresses, so if you don't have the blue dress just cancel the blue dress and I will take the other 2 dresses that I ordered. I got a reply from them stating " when you ordered it showed out of stock.

But sure okay". As a customer I got irritated with the reply that I got from them because it doesn't say or anywhere on their website that the blue drdress is out of stock and I even screen shot the website and I even tried to put it on my cart to show them that it doesn't say anything that the dress that I wanted is not available/out of stock" and I felt like they're giving me an attitude and telling me that is my fault? That I ordered a dress that is not available. And I ask them when are they planning to ship me the dress since I ordered November 17 and they said its 2-3 days and I was charge for $24 shipping for priority and its November 23 no dresses arrive.

I got an email from them that they will refund me for $269 since the blue dress is not available and now even the white dress is not available as well. And I ask them how about the tax that was charge for $19 amd shipping for $24 for 3 dresses needs to be adjusted and be refunded as well, and this is the reply from them. "No the tax and shipping fee is the same. Now I'm really pissed off because they're playing games now and I called them and they're very rude and unproffesional.So I ask them that cancel all my order and I want my refund and they won't even reply to me.

Beware of this website site they're scam and a fake clothing store. They order it somewhere and claim that it's from their store.

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  • May 31, 2016


I ordered a white dress for my bridal shower .. I paid $220 with shipping .. When the dress arrived it was RED!! I sent the dress back to exchange it , the package never got deliver because they are moving! In the mean time I had to go buy another dress because my bridal shower is this Saturday, because of their mistake and me not having it in time I asked for a refund and the "manager" hung up on me .. I've never dealt with such unprofessional people , I wish I would have read the reviews first .. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE

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  • Apr 27, 2016

Shady by far!

This place is a complete scam and run by complete idiots out of a basement most likely. These people can't even speak properly over the phone when they do pick up, let alone respond to an email appropriately! I've been given the runaround about a dress I ordered over a month ago. No dress, no refund, & no class on their part. I'm totally disgusted with how stupid I was to trust this internet site & about the fact I may be out of $388!

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  • Nov 24, 2016

The company is very shady in its dealings. Before ordering the dress, I asked whether I'd receive it by a specific date, and was instantly reassured. Thus, I ordered the dress. I asked for a tracking number and an update on shipping a few days later, only to receive the unprofessional response of "dont worry you'll have it." After trying to contact them both via email and instagram unsuccessfully, I lost my hopes of getting the dress. I commented on their instagram site to warn other not to shop with this site, and they emailed me back immediately, stating the following: "so you are the childish person leaving comments on our page? I would have cancelled this just due to your behavior even if the dress was here!" They, however, had no problem charging my card immediately when I ordered. Many days have passed, and I still do not have the dress. They also have a few good reviews from, but if you look closely, all the reveiws seems to be from the same time period, with an hour difference, and some from 4:40AM. It seems like an efforted and planned review list by the company itself. Do Not Order from this site.

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