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Konstantin Trunov & Arthur Koshatashyan

Country United States
State Alabama

Konstantin Trunov & Arthur Koshatashyan Reviews

  • May 8, 2022

Art collectors, modern design and Futuro house afficionados, BEWARE!!!

Do not do business with these 2 swindler scam artists.

I was offered to be one of the first people to put forward a downpayment on their "golden standard" Futuro House models, which were being sold for $850. They had promised me the 01st unit of their production, in writing. I had paid well in advance and even offered them our marketing help with the future launch of their business.

After waiting for several months with barely any news or updates, I was being told that my unit would have several flaws. When I asked for photos, I was met with plenty disrespectful arguments. When I eventually asked to be sent the unit I had already paid for, for me to inspect in person, I was told that the deal was off and I would not be sent my product. I also never received my money back!!!

After complaining, I have been met with personal insult after insult - and a level of sexism that's flat out disturbing in this day and age. Several people who I have shared this experience with, known in this small industry, have since distanced themselevs from these two individuals and have stopped promoting their business.

They are claiming they will start a Kickstarter page in the near future and I want to warn everyone that they steal your money, will not send you the product and will not stop for a moment to personally insult you - rather than providing any form of customer service.

It is my impression that they use other's people's funds to bankroll their little business - and obvisouly do not care about scamming people across the other side of the world, as they can probably not be persecuted for it, them being in Russia.

Please let this be a warning to anyone who's considering to buy from them or anyone who's considering to support their Kickstarter or any other form of funding of any sort in the future.

Always happy to provide more info about my experience to anyone who'd like to know.

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