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Kitegal Reviews

  • Mar 9, 2023

I placed on order through their website on February 3, 2023 through Kitegal. I ordered 4 clothing items. As per their website it said they ship within 5-7 business days and that I would receive notification once the order has been shipped.

One February 13, 2023 I received a partial shipment notification that my 1 out of the 4 items was shipped. On February 14, 2024 I sent them an email asking when the additional 3 items I ordered would be shipped as the status kept showing "awaiting shipment".

I followed up again on February 16 and 17th, 2023 as I hadn't received a reposnse from them. I finally heard back from them on February 19, 2023 from them with basic info staying it's at the processing stage and I will get an email once the order has been shipped. I responded on February 19, 2023 asking them for an update on the oustanding 3 items as it was 16 days from the date of my order.

On February 21, 2023 they responded apologizing for the delay and asked if I would permit them another week to get my order processed and said if there was no tracking information by then, they would then cancel the items and refund me. I responded on February 21, 2023 and said I would give them 1 more week to ship my items.

They responded on February 22, 2023 saying they would get the warehouse to rush and ship soon. I followed up on March 1, 2, 3 as I had not received a shipment notification from them and asked about the refund. During this time I also receive the 1 item of clothing that was shipped on February 13th - the quality of the dress was terrible! Not what was posted on their website, it was misleading... so in my reponses in March I also asked where I could return the one item.

On March 4th I received an email stating they would refund the rest of my items.

On March 6th and 8th I followed up again asking for their return address and why I was not refunded yet.

Today, on March 10th I received a shipment notification from them for the remaining 3 items. So not only did they not cancel they order as they said they would did not refund me. Nor have theey provided a return address to ship my 1 item.

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