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Kingsway Portfolio Limited

Country United Kingdom
State Wales
City Wrexham Technology Park, Wrexham
Address C/O Haswell Brothers Llp Pembroke House, Ellice Way
Phone 44 786 874 4153

Kingsway Portfolio Limited Reviews

  • Jan 16, 2023

It’s very disappointing when linkedin members are directly involved with and in charge of scam organizations. Dan cryer unfortunately meets both criteria. He is the ceo of kingsway portfolio limited Https:// a bitcoin investment company that is apparently based in the uk that offers better than average returns. They incentivize members on linkedin to recruit investors by offering them a percentage of the amount that the new members initially invest.

The investments are designed to show daily returns of .09 to 1.65% compounded daily of the overall balance of the account. The contracts are based on 90 day tranches after which the funds can be withdrawn or reinvested – or so they suggest at the time of initial investment.

The truth however is that at the end of the 90 day contract the investor is notified that in order to reinvest the funds an additional new investment must be made and that the overall balance of the account must be at the tier 3 $40,000 level to proceed. In addition, in order to withdraw the existing funds a 25% trader must be paid first.

There was no indication by the recruiter or documentation on the web site to indicate withdrawal, liquidation or reinvestment regulations. Even if there were, any fees should be automatically deducted from the daily totals, under no circumstances should an investor be asked to send in more funds in order to have existing funds released.

This is a classic bait and switch, and i was shocked that a company that is potentially so exposed would dare to function in this manner. I believe that this is criminal financial fraud of a potentially large scale in that this company appears to have some reach. The international scope of their investor base coupled with their utilization of unwitting third parties to further their fraudulent activity should make it worthy of investigation of both the fbi and scotland yard.

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