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King of Freight

Country United States
State Kansas
City Wichita
Address P.O. BOX 49170
Phone 1 316-440-4723

King of Freight Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2021


MSL hauled a load for King of Freight, LLC. MSL invoiced the King of Frieght with Rhlannon confirmed receiveing it on August 27, 2021. On Sept 25, 2021 when the invoice was due King of Freight claimed they paid a factoring company by name of Unifact Capital Funding. MSL has never used a factory company. Below is comments of the nonesense provided by King of Freight accounting department.

Rhiannon confirmed 8/27-MC

called for payment bc king of freight website showed this was paid and cashed by unifact capital funding. told them it was sent to a factoring company, she asked for our W9 and they are going to re issue check to us 10/22-MC emailed for an update on the new check they are supposed to be reissing to us 11/1-MC

accounting emailed back they confirmed that the payment was sent to a factoring company we dont use they are waiting on the funds and re issing a check to us -11/4-MC

candice is handling this -316-413-8915 for updates -11/10-MC emailed carrier relations again for an update on the new check 11/11-MC, called candice again, no answer left voicemail 11/12-MC

called again for an update, they gave me candices managers number tried to call her and you cant leave a voicemail.... sent email again and am sending out demand letters Friday if we don't receive payment 11/16-MC. recvd email from king of freight

Unifact Capital,

I just called and had to leave a voicemail.

I need confirmation that our refund has been issued.

These funds DO NOT belong to you and the carrier who did this load needs to be paid.

I have copied the carrier's factor in this email as well, so that she can reach out too.

This matter requires your full and immediate attention and needs to be resolved.

We are pursing shippers and consingee for our frieght charges.

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