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Kick Punch Labs

Country United States
State California
City Fullerton
Address 1440 N Harbor Blvd #900
Phone 1 714-253-7742

Kick Punch Labs Reviews

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  • Jan 26, 2018

I walked into Lance Mayfield's one-man office in June 2016. After the meeting we made the aggreement on developing an app which was estimated to finish within 3 months. Then a serie of delays happened. First Lance Mayfield claimed it would be finished by the end of 2016, then the first half of 2017, then by the end of 2017. And here we are, a 3-month project which is still unfinished. And last week after requesting a confirmation on the final deadline, he chose not to reply.

Lance Mayfield outsources all his work to Ukraine or Russia. And there were constant departures of his team because either he fired them or they just walked away from him. He gave out numerous execuses on why the project was delayed (like the whole team was food-poisoned or the coders caught a cold/multiple colds). And now he does not even have anyone who can code anymore. So he refered me to a coder he knows in Ukraine, and asked me to pay directly to that coder instead for the last part of the project. I agreed on such arrangement and Lance Mayfield gave written guarantee that the coder would finish the project before December 2017. But apparently he has no control over the coder and he failed to do what he promised, again.

Lance Mayfield has been putting up a new website, Last time I checked he put my name with fake review without my permission. And I think this happened to several others too. I'm glad to see that he/someone put it down. And Mr.Mayfield you need to know that doing this and buying fake Instagram comments won't save you from what you did. You need to stop scamming other people's money as a way to support your family and you need to learn how to become a decent, responsible human-being.

I have all contracts, invoice and emails to prove the authenticity of my reivew. Feel free to contact me if you have any quesiton. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM Lance Mayfield at all cost or just bring a lawyer with you if you want to deal with this man.

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  • Jul 3, 2017

Lance Mayfield, owner of Kick Punch Labs and Draw and Compile, has stolen over $35,000 from my business partner and myself. 16 months ago we hired him to do a website and a mobile app. He outsourced all of our work to Russia. Not a single thing has been done except for a logo that we could have paid $35 for.

So far 4 people have contacted us because he has also scammed them out of over $40,000 each! We have also filed reports with the Fullerton Police Department. He admitted to stealing from us and stated he would start paying us a couple of hundred dollars a month if we took down his earned horrible reviews on yelp. He is attempting to bribe and threaten us which is harassment.

Lance Mayfield has made my partner and I very afraid as he is not stable and blows up when confronted with the fact that he has illegally taken this huge amount of money from a single mother of 3. It has been horrible in my life as a result. We are afraid of him and his anger issues/out of control temper.

Lance Mayfield stated when we entered into a signed contract that the project would be completed within 80-90 days. To this date we have received ZERO coding. He jacked all of us around, lying to all of us, saying he was getting work done and "working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week" when in real life he was doing nothing. He does not even know how to code. We found out later he was on Quora trying to ask questions about how to talk to customers as if he did know code. How horrifying is that? He also was hiring Ukrainian and Russian coders on there and had no idea if they had experience or not.

We purposefully chose an American based developer. If we wanted cheap then we would have gone directly to other countries ourselves. We even have all the emails stating we would not hire him if he used other people. We had interviewed over a hundred developers all over the world and honestly needed someone on our time zone in order to expedite work. Immediately after the first payment Lance Mayfield, Kick Punch Labs, Draw and Compile, shipped it all out. After that nothing was done.

Now, Lance Mayfield and Kick Punch Labs, have been reported to the FTC, Fullerton Police, American Arbitration, Yelp, Better Business Bureau and we have hired an attorney to sue him with the other 4 people he has lied to and stolen their hard earned money. I am in shock someone could do this to a single mother of 3. He was fully aware of all of that. He has never done any coding for us and he has not repaid anything to us.

Now, he is using ALL of our logo's and screenshots on his site as if it is work he has completed. He stole all of that from our own site that we are paying another company to do. What a total sham. We have sent the cease and desist letter from our attorney and he will end up doing some jail time by the time this is all done. He signed an NDA which states he cannot do that but he is not concerned with laws, ethics or honesty at all. We are not going anywhere and will continue to fight to make certain he does not continue to do this to other people.

This fat guy is a slough on a sofa somewhere, eating 2 bags of cookies and steadily stealing from innocent people all day long. Don't be one of those people.

Hope we have helped at least one person to stay away from this scum of the earth.

Run, don't walk, as far away from Lance Mayfield, Kick Punch Labs and Draw and Compile as you possibly can!!!!

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