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Keystone Home Pros

Country United States
State Texas
City Tomball
Address 24310 Tomball Pkwy
Phone 1 713-300-1867

Keystone Home Pros Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2021

I am very distraught by Leonard Courtright and his ability to charge my card as he pleases. When I first started with Leonard, he was originally going to charge me $32,000 to complete a siding job, contingent on me getting approval. I was not approved at the time for such an amount. He sent me an email and text saying that the material would be delivered to start the job on the following Monday.

I panicked as I told him the job depended on my approval, that I needed to find additional funding not to come. If you read my email from the beginning, he said well I already have the guys scheduled as if that is my fault. He was trying to guilt me into moving forward. Finally after several emails he understood we would not move forward with that job. Still trying to be a nice person, I suggested we only complete a portion of the job- 40% of the house instead of 100% and I will take what I was approved for and pull the rest from my savings.

So he came back with $19,000. He said he would do two beams, reframe 2 windows, replace 17 windows (I provided the windows), he supplied the materials for the rest of the job. I have this on text messages. As he started the job I found mistake after mistake and was asking him to come back and fix his work. He said he would but the subs were coming to put siding over the gapped OSB they had put up. He was not fixing the bad work and covering it with siding.

I told him I was not going to pay for the work he did that was bad as he is not holding to the guarantee he was giving me to get the job from me. I trust him and he took advantage of that trust. He started to intimidate me and told me he would put a lean on my home. I got scared as I had no idea what to do. I asked for a different crew as he said he had 27 crews and he said none other was available. I found out that he does not have that many crews.

Finally, I told him I was not comfortable with the work he was doing on my house with his workmanship. I had to constantly ask his crew where the materials were that he promised to supply. He was not installing my siding according to the Hardy standards for warranty guarantee. He ended up leaving my job and took back the material (one minute saying could keep it and the next morning having it picked up after we agreed I would keep it because he intimidated me again saying he was going to charge me the restocking fee, again making me feel like I was in duress.

He said there was $7700 worth of material at my house. However, when they took the material, he only replaced $2200 credit to my card. The only work Leonard completed on my house that was legitimate was (not to my standard, but average work) is $300 each for 2 beam's and replace three windows at $179 each which is what Lowes quoted me. I will agree to pay for that work in the amount of $1,137 and consider that generous. That is fair market quotes from other construction companies.

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