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Keto GT Research

Country United States
State Florida
City Brandon
Address P.O. BOX 6914
Phone 844 806 5469

Keto GT Research Reviews

  • Sep 9, 2021

When I ordered the product online I did a screen shot of the confirmation page. It states 100% money back guarantee. After one week and I was gaining not losing I contacted the company only to learn they were keeping 1/2 my money. I was livid. She told me to keep the product and I might lose weight if I just keep taking it for about 2 months. The online ordering site says weight loss within 1 week and your diet habit did not have to change.

  • Aug 17, 2021

I purchased, what I thought was 2 bottles as a trial with 3 additional bottles free for $79.98 with free shipping. It took a little over 2 weeks to get these 5 bottles of KETO GT advanced weight loss pills. There was no paper work in the box and when I initally checked my credit card it showed Keto GT but no amount. When I got my credit card statement it now showed $199.99. I called Keto with it taking 3 attempts for the call to get past their busy computer speil and then being hung up on. When I finally got thru the woman said there must be some mistake and she would put a correction thru to my Credit card company.

I started using the pills along with stoping drinking all soda and limiting the amount of my meal servings. After 5 weeks I'd lost 4 pounds but kept taking the 2 pills every morning. At my annual physical I talked with my doctor about Keto GT and I had brought a bottle to the exam with me. After looking at the "Proprietary Blend" he said he recogonized Magnesium, Calcium & Sodium but not this "Beta Hydroxbulyate" for each. He suggested if I was happy with it continue, but he wouldn't.

For 2 weeks now I've attempted daily to contact KETO GT via phone, dialing the number 4 times each day only to be hung up on without getting to talk to anyone. I then sent emails requesting instructing to return the unopened bottles and a refund, getting no info or email in return.

I wonder if this is a total scam as my credit card is still showing $199.99 with no correction applied. And they do not any longer anwser phones either.

  • Aug 4, 2021

I ordered KETO product off of Facebook which was advertised at 2 bottles for $ 39.99 (or $ 39.98),

Order process required my credit card first. when amount showed up that my credit card would be charged $ 199.99 I backed out of the page I was on. The next day I received an email saying my card had been charged $ 199.99 I called their customer service & said I wanted to return the item for a refund & their advertising was deceptive.

They offered for me to keep the item(s) & they would issue me a credit of $ 99.00 Told them I did not want that. My purchase was supposed to amount to $ 39.99 x 2, plus any applicable sales tax & shipping.

They then said I would be charged $ 10.00 per bottle. I never opened the box but I think there are 5 bottles inside which would amount to $ 50.00 restocking charges. I think this company is practicing shady business practices.

  • Jul 14, 2021

I placed an order for one bottle of Ketogt. When I received the invoice via email, it had been processed for 5 bottles, so instead of being charged approximately $70, I was charged $199.99.

I called customer service thinking they would just cancel the order and it would be done.

The person I spoke with told me that they could put the 4 bottle back in stock but I'd have to pay a restocking fee. I told her that as I had not ordered the 4 bottles there should be no restocking fee, especially as the order had not yet been shipped. She kept giving me alternatives that would allow them to keep a portion of my money. I ended up just telling her to cancel the entire order as I knew it had not yet had time to ship. She said she didn't have the authority to do that and would have a supervisor call me.

After the call did not resolve the problem, I sent them an email with the same information. No supervisor called me. "Five hours later", I received an email that the order had shipped and once I had received it, I could email them for instructions to return the product and get a partial refund.

I sent back an email saying: I did not place this order! This is Fraud! I will dispute the charge! I will report the fraud! This is FRAUD!!! Do not do business with this company. I will go to my bank as early as I can tomorrow and will dispute the charge. I hope at least that will get my money back.

I also hope reading this will help others not to make the mistake of dealing with a company that commits fraud.

  • Jul 12, 2021

I signed up for 1 free bottle of 60 capsules and 2 additional bottles of Keto GT for a total of $39.99. They also suggested that I order 1 bottle of Detox GT for an additional $49.99. This order was placed on 7/5/2021. I received confirmation of this order #1C3320DD1D for a total amount of $249.98!! This included 5 bottles of Keto GT for $199.99 (no mention of the free bottle), and 1 bottle of Detox GT for $49.99.

I know, I should have cancelled my order immediately! Because they had promised a full refund within 30 days of purchase for any reason, I stupidly thought I could return my unopened bottles and get my money back. The restocking fee was just another insult to injury! I wish now I had done more research to find out this company does not keep it's promises and, therefore consider them fraudulent! Unless something can be done for the ordinary person, I fear that a lot of us will be scammed out of thousands of hard earned dollars.

  • Jul 5, 2021

I purchased what I thought was Keto supplement ("as advertised on Shark Tank") paying only $39.99 for TWO BOTTLES but getting THREE BOTTLES for free.

In reality when the box of 5 arrived, they enclosed a packing slip showing it actually cost $199.99!!

When I called to return them, I was offered $55 credit but declined. I told her I would pay $40 as advertised to try it out, but not in this lifetime would I drop $200 to "see if it worked"!!

I was then told I would have to pay a restocking fee of $10 each!! I said are you serious???!!! Its all the same bottle!! They're all coming to you in one box!! They are all going back on the shelf TOGETHER! Why are you charging me $50!!!???

She did not have an answer. i told her I was going to report them to the BBB and attorney general!

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