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Kerry Kuhn LLC

Country United States
State Florida
City Coral Springs
Address 1725 N University Dr
Phone 954-755-1300

Kerry Kuhn LLC Reviews

  • Oct 15, 2015

Be aware the staff is rude and not helpful especially jenny and Abby.. The only only person that has sense and take the time out to listen is nure practitioner Donna Hamilton..So last year i had an appointment towards the end of July so i call around 18 to confirm my appointment little did I know I missed my appointment before that I left several messages to nurse Abby phone no car return finally Jenny reschedule I came in like always went through my review come to find out I have to take a pregnancy test because I miss my appointment and it's actually for the depo shot so OK it's been a few times when I went there before took few tests due to change of birth control and never was charged for it all of a sudden I'm being told Iowe $15 and if I don't pay $15

they will send me to collections and that was last year receive a call advisng so 3weeks ago I ended with them in July why call me a year later telling me of this why send me to collection when I have documentation I took pregnancy test before and never was charged because my insurance actually pay for it so now I'm being penalized for something that is out of my control call Jenny about the situation and told her is not my fault that you guys didn't do your job and give me a follow up call to make sure I'm on schedule for my appointment my dental office aways follow up few days so im assuming they would do the same l try to see if they can void it was told no when i mention will take matters on my own jenny states go ahead like its a threat guess they don't appreciate good loyal patient especially someone like me no type of resolution /solution..

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