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Kenneth Adams

Country United States
State Ohio
City North Royalton
Phone 440-212-3018

Kenneth Adams Reviews

  • Apr 12, 2016

Ken Adams had advertised in our Local Gold Clipper Magazine - and came to our house to estimate a bathroom re-model. After reviewing all the materials - along with the glowing reports from the Rabbit Review website - I even checked with the BBB - and all seemed legit. I hired him to do a small remodel job and paid for 50% of the job as a deposit -

One month goes by - no word from him............after texts and calls - he was delaying the project due to "All the tons of work he was doing" - Finally after 3 months - I told him to return my deposit - that I was not going to proceed.

He then referred me to his "Attorney" Frank Raso - stating that he would contact me as to how he was going to pay back the money - Seriously - HOW he was going to pay it back?? After another month of waiting - his "attorney" did contact me and said that Ken was willing to pay me back $50.00 a month until paid - You can do the math - that would take over 3 years - IF I was lucky enough to get that.... He had no problem taking and cashing a 2,000 check in 2 days - but wanted over 3 years to pay it back.

I filed a complaint with small claims - had a hearing - and will now wait for the court to proceed with a civil case.

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