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Keith Pittman

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Burlington
Address 205 Penn St

Keith Pittman Reviews

  • Mar 27, 2017

I met Keith on a dating site many years ago. After seeing him for a couple of months he got me pregnant. And then he drop the bomb he had a legal case pending and that he may be going away for a couple of years. At that time he started to act like he was this innocent man that was wrongly accused. He started to tell me that he loved me and wanted to be a family and get married. He even had me at court with him 8 months pregnant to try to get the judge and jury to see him as a good family guy. He was then sentenced to 5 years in prison for robbery. While in prision he con me out of $10,000 between money on his books and phone calls. I even visited the prison with our child over 100 times over the years. I did all of this on his promises of getting married and being a family when he came home. He truly tricked me into believing he was a good guy. He also promised to pay me back my money and help me out and take care of his child once he got on his feet.

It all was a lie after being released after doing 5 years in prision he came home and started actting like he didnt know me or our daughter. He started telling people we was never in a relationship and that i tried to trap him with a child and that he never loved us or wanted to be with us. He basically avoides me and our daughter as if he dont know us and like i was some random girl. He only paid me back $50 towards the $10,000 he got from me while in prison. He never acted like this while he was away. He changed into someone i dont know. When i did approach him he would yell at me and even violently attack me and make it look like i was the problem. He only got me pregnant so he would have some support physically and financially while he was in prison from me and our child. He continues to spread rumors about me and tells everyone not to talk to me because he dont want them to find out the truth. He is a con artists that have robbed me out of $10,000 and my daughter of a father... I have letters from him to back up everything im saying is the truth. Please beware of this man

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