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Keith Fuller

Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta
Phone 312-822-4732

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  • Oct 15, 2019

Keith Fuller AKA K-Money offered to purshase me a brand new car and pay-off the old car all I had to do is send him $3800 that was suppose to go toward the taxes on the new car. My pay off on the old car was about $3400.

I sent the $3800 I even went to the dealer ship to pick out the new car but when it came time for Keith to do his part there was an issue with the wire transfer, then there was an issuse with the account. This young man was in a relationship with my daughter on the strength of that and I have know him since he was a teenager I wanted to believe that he wanted to help me.

Needless to say he never paid off my car nor did he buy me a new one when it was all said and done he had got me for $4425.

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  • Jan 31, 2019

Keith Fuller Know as a million ways to get dough on ig. Kmoney or whatever had lunch with my dad met my whole family and pretended to have a sky box at the Super Bowl. Claimed to buy me a new car and pay off all my student loans. The payments reversed however account number not found .

I can’t believe he did all this for a this is it plate. This man is a true peon. I think he is homeless. He came to Atlanta and really tried to finesse me.’sold me the same exact dream he sold y’all. He is ridiculous. He gotta be stopped. Lie try to scam

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  • May 4, 2022

About a year and a half ago Keith who introduced himself as “Lamonte” friended me on FB. We started talking as friends even though we live in different states and the next day he had flowers sent to my job, he laid it on thick. We talked all this time long distance then I finally met him he came to Massachusetts to see me looking back on it there many things that should have stood out as red flags.

Everything went well he bragged a lot about being a millionaire and his companions all his cars and mansions...I must have been feeling real low and people like him can sense that. He started making promises like I saw in other posts about buying me a car had me go to dealership sign paperwork and everything, but what started as gift all of a sudden stared requiring random monies from me for taxes etc. which I cash app’d and notated.

Then it got tied up because he had been working on helping me find and finance house for me and my sons. There was a specific house I was looking at he said he'd help take care of it and took the thousands of dollars I had been saving for the house. When things started to unravel he blocked me on social media and his phone the only way I found his real name which lead to this site was because I paid for a subscription to one of those websites that I can do a more detailed background check.

I'm devastated, humiliated, and feel violated. I always said if it seems too good to be true it probably is he's such a manipulative narcissistic sociopath he tricked me into believing the motto that kept me safe from people like him was me blocking my own blessing’s. It's definitely horrible to be scanned it the act of the long con.... Where a man preys on single hard working woman with children manipulates and molds them over a period of time then shows them what its like back at square 1 starting all over again because a 50yo man decided instead of working a 9-5 he’ll just take the proceeds from mine and parade around like Peter pan replaying the same script to a new unsuspecting victim. But one day I guarantee it's gonna catch up to mister Keith and I'm thankful for this page.

It's truly disturbing how many victims no less around the country. I'm sure he's hoping I'll be to ashamed and deppressed to follow through with any possible civil or criminal litigation. But on this one I don't have the patience for Karma I'm going to figure out any and every possible legal avenue available and if no funds can be recooperated I will tell this story to anyone who will listen until he is prosecuted to the full extent of the law no.

  • Apr 2, 2020

Keith Fuller is a Scamming Bum!

We all wanted to believe that Keith was here to help us, but he is a scammer. He preys on single mothers for sure. I am one that he got for over $6,000. I, too, dated him years ago and he "had money." I never wanted a serious relationship with him though. I just couldn't put my finger on it. Then, ten years later, I finally give in to a "real relationship" with him. He played on the fact of how he "had money" when we dated years back and said that he was in a situation where all of his accounts were frozen and had to pay his lawyer and would return my money with interest. Well, once other females started inboxing me on Facebook saying that he owed them money and I confronted him asking him what was up, he would lie. Eventually, he started having "jobs" back in Detroit again. He would have me looking stupid time after time going to pick up non-existent wire transfers and always had an excuse as to why it did not go through. Eventually I got tired of asking him for my money back and he disappeared.

Ladies, do not believe one word out of his mouth. He lies about his name, his birthday, and his age. He is a bum with absolutely nothing unless he scams a woman for it, and I found out that he is abusive. You are not safe around him. He even uses his own daughter for his gain. God have mercy on his soul.

  • Dec 23, 2019

My name is Cynthia and I'm from the Charlotte NC area. My husband sold Keith Fuller his home in August of 2016. He purchased the home under a quick sell deed. Myself and my husband Joe were astonished when Keith said it was a cash deal with no means to take out a loan or mortgage.

Joe began to dig into Keith criminal background and there were a few things on there but nothing too crazy so we thought at the time. Joe my husband proceeded with dealing with Keith Fuller and finalized the sell of the house located on Providence road.

The house sold for $2,500,000. Joe got his commission and all was well. On February of 2018 my husband recieved a call from IRS with questions about how Keith paid for the home. Joe stated that the deal was a solid deal and the money was done by wire transfer. The IRS then stated that after further review that the home was purchased fair and square to say the least.

We then got intouch with our relative who is a county sheriff and he dug deeper for us. Turns up Keith Fuller generated millions of dollars from selling drugs. Joe sat down with Keith over lunch to tell him about the events that we encountered. My husband stated that Keith was somewhat upfront with him but didn't give to much or volunteered information.

We haven't seen much of him around in Charlotte either. Joe and myself were reading up on some of the things being written and it confuses us. I met the man once and he treated the office to lunch. He gave my husband $8,000 for the house deal. As far as Joe and myself goes we believe this guy was into some heavy stuff and tried to turn it around in a positive way.

It just doesn't make sense to buy a home and have fancy cars and be the person that these people are writing about. Puzzling and mind boggling. I know that the man has an illegal past but he was nice to my husband and I can't forget that.

  • Jan 10, 2020

Fraud and scammer

I know first hand he is a scam artist. He may have done that in 2016 but as far as 2019 he has done nothing but used woman selling them dreams and I guest it’s the woman’s fault for believing him. He is so quick to say he has a mansion and all These cars but living in hotels. He takes and takes and takes and when it’s all gone he moves on to the next victim. Keith can’t be trusted and had been reported to the DA in Pittsburgh, the FBI and to wherever else I can tell about his scamming ass. He’s a fraud and I can’t wait for him to go to jail or something else. Karma is something else that’s for sure and I can’t wait for it to catch up with him.

  • Nov 2, 2019

Keith Fuller, The Bum!

There have been many victims, including myself. He needs to be behind bars. How do we stop him?

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