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Kearny Mesa Truck Center

Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Address 5624 Kearny Villa Rd
Phone 858-571-5495

Kearny Mesa Truck Center Reviews

  • Dec 21, 2016

After shopping around and a long decision making process in purchasing a commercial truck for our business, we decided to purchase a used Mack Truck from Kearny Mesa Truck Center. The truck had been owned by their dealership since it was brand new, had been used as a rental and was fully maintained by their shop for it's whole life. This seemed like a reliable truck for the price, and a good option because we thought we could trust exactly how it had been cared for and maintained.

We were told to expect this Mack Truck to last for another 250,000 miles and that the truck was in good condition and well maintained. However our truck started having trouble after only 5,000 mile. We brought the truck back to Kearny Mesa Truck Center for repairs and have brought it back on 6 other occasions not including regular maintenance. 1 year, 20,000 miles and $6000 in repairs later and the truck is out of commission and cannot be driven. We are told it needs and estimated $12,000-$30,000 in maintenance to get back on the road!

We have gone back to KMTC management explaining the predicament, and ask for help. After putting us off for 3 weeks they told us they would not help at all. We had even told them that we were ready to trade our truck in and buy a brand new truck from them giving them a chance to helps us without losing profits. However they will not take our truck back.

We are more disappointed about this purchase, and KMTC as a business than any other challenge that has come up in our 12 years in business. OK we get it, we bought a used truck and things can go wrong but the amount that we have spent and time invested is above an beyond what would normally be expected. And for Kearney Mesa Truck Center to do absolutely nothing to help make the situation right, and help us find a new truck, absolutely inexcusable. They are definitely unethical business owners and possibly have poor maintenance department to match.

Save yourself time and money, and shop somewhere else. We would recommend avoiding Kearny Mesa Truck Center at all costs

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