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Kayla McKeage Calgary

Country Canada
City Calgary, Alberta

Kayla McKeage Calgary Reviews

  • Mar 17, 2021

My partner and I have a few companies and we'd hired Kayla to complete the accounting work and tax returns for our businesses. I got the sense that she was struggling to keep the records organized and wasn't really sure what she was doing...

We were coming up on our filing deadlines and I was reaching out to her for an update. But, it turns out that she abandoned her job and abandoned our year end. Without notice and without handing off her work to another accountant. She just dissapeared without telling anyone! I'm irate by her lack of professionalism.

Our filings end up getting submitted late and we had to pay penalties.

Our new accountant in the same office is amazing and I'm grateful that we're in competent hands now.

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