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Katarina Phang Inc.

Country United States
State Alabama

Katarina Phang Inc. Reviews

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  • Nov 21, 2018

Katarina Phang gives off the appearance of a very successful dating coach however she is far from that! First off her name isn’t even Katarina lol and Joe her so called boyfriend is employed by her. I came to her a few years ago desperately wanting to get a man that didn’t want me and used her coaching. It wasn’t until my last relationship fell apart while using her method that I discovered that it’s pointless. Thankfully i didn’t pay thousands of dollars for her cockamania audios and get scammed out of money like other women did. I found a way around her website to obtain the audio for free and sold it to my other girlfriends lol. You can’t scam a scammer

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  • Nov 20, 2018

Katarina Phang is a dangerous, manipulative fraud and liar who draws vulnerable women in, shames them into buying her trash programs and they never see their money again.

Katarina Phang is a cult narcissist, a dangeour bully, a classless woman who is out for your money. I purchased one on one coachng sessions with Katarina Phang to help me get my ex back and was so traumatized I needed to receive therapy for months after to recover.

Her teachings actually made me lose the love of my life, I did everything she suggested and he told me months later when I stopped that I had become some weird, bypassing robot that turned him off. When he read her stuff he said it was the most ridiculous sutff he had ever read (I got him back months after stopping everything Katarina Phang taught and learning from a real expert, using Alison Armstrong's teachings and Rori Rayes (check them out they are real, Katarina Phang is a cheap market, knockoff and wannabe.)

My therapist and others have classified this charlatan and scammer as a textbook sociopath and narcissist, who uses gaslighting in sessions, bullies you if you disagree with her, is incredibly catty around other successful women and incredibly insecure.

She constantly is marketing herself as "the best coach while others are useless copies of hers".

I had been a part of one of her facebook groups and after a few months was literally comparing being in there like being on a Jerry Springer show, the women in there act trashy, classless, and treat each other horrendously.

Katarina Phang encourages this saying women should treat men like honey, but treat each other like vinegar.

After paying thousands to her I went through PTSD from her dangerous coaching. This woman has zero certifications, is a knock off of a very real coach called Rori Raye (she copied all of her teachings, added some buddhist mumbo jumbo) and pawns it off as her original teachings-

All she is a copy cat of other legitimate teachers.

After seeing her in action in sessions with me, seeing the behavior she instigates, seeing how insecure she gets when other coaches succeed where she has to always talk herself up over and over and talk badly about other professionals in the industry, I know this woman is a sociopath, trash and a text book narcissist who shames women into buying her products.

She is insecure and nasty.

her facebook groups and communities have a number of abusive women in them and hundreds have left her groups because of that abuse. We have a group joke with several of us who have left her and are in the process of suing her- we call her Donaldine Trump because she is literally the female version of this man- a town idiot, a classless woman who posts photos of her single self with fake hair cut off from other women and fake eyes. We are going to take this woman down, it is just a matter of time though before she takes herself down.

It took me over 10 months to recover from this abusive sociopath, please do not buy her things!

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  • Jun 3, 2019


Im sorry to hear of your experience with her. How have you gone suing her? My journey with her was not so extreme. I didnt purchase any of her things because right from scratch I felt something was "off"...particularly with her grandeose sense of self & proclamations of who she is. If youre genuine you dont need to say stuff like that. I was a member of ger fb group..which I gott value from as far as the more mature women on there (which were far & few between). Otherwise it was a disgraceful group with the way women were often talking. Clearly there are women who need genuine help..but when you start seeing women fail with the teachings & really not having a clue..without any profesdional back up or support from Kat ( as she also claims that her teachings get better results than professional councilling), then you really got to start asking the questions of how legit this is. So many holes that I can see now..& its so sad to know that there are thousands & thousands of vulnerable & desperate women lapping it all up. The cruncher for me...was being blicked from the page when I posed a valid question & she over-reacted without any discussion. I asked if she did any lessons around reading body I observed in one of her photos that her guy was looking unhappy & leaning away from her (as Ive noticed in most pics of them), while she is smiling & leaning in..usually with one hand on his knee. a self- proclaimed womans empowerment coach..I would be making sure photos that I share of my man & I..would reflect what a healthy happy relationship interaction would look like. Anyone who knows basic body language would see that he is always leaning away from her, while she is always leaning in. She is always smiling. He isnt. That in itself is a big red flag. And now it makes so much more sense of indeed he is a paid employee of hers.

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  • Jul 21, 2019

Con Artist

Katarina is as phony as you can get! That isn't even her real name. Her material is stolen from Rori Raye and Ken Wilber. She is like a psychopathic cult leader who thinks everyone is so stupid and cannot see through her transparency. She is so obnoxious she calls herself the "last resort" and is always referring to herself in the third person. What an ego! She also teaches her stolen concepts always with a drink in hand. She's always drinking alcohol! She calls herself enlightened and is a know it all. If you ever question her she will shame you (typical psychopath), turning the tables and using deflection to make you the target. So why do women follow her? Smart ones won't and vulnerable women with broken hearts and have nowhere else to turn might.

Please don't waste your money. If she was so great, she'd have a legitimate publishing deal, PR firm, staff and she wouldn't be such a bragging hype machine. All she does if hype herself and ask vulnerable women to give her money to support her lifestyle. She calls her modest home in Fallbrook (The septic tank capitol of San Diego County) a castle. LOL If you don't believe me just log on to her FB pages (she has about 3 or 4) and you can see first hand how she endlessly hypes herself and brags about her minimal accomplishments. Her grandiosity is really comical. BTW, she has no formal training or education which is ever-present in her delivery, yet she positions herself as the most enlightened relationship expert/guru on the planet. So funny!

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  • Aug 30, 2020

The worst

She is the worst. I signed up for one on one coaching, which she didn’t respond to. When I asked for a refund, she belittled me, finally gave me some advice for my relationship, in which she made me feel like complete crap, then wouldn’t stop emailing me after that, after I had asked her to stop.

  • Aug 21, 2020

Snake Oil Salesman

Katarina Phang coaches from a mansion paid for by the tears of thousands of women. She claims to be "the last resort" to target people who are at the end of their rope. She is a wannabe cult leader keeps girls needy and insecure with her teachings to ply them with more products. Of course there are some banal basic truths peppered in their so it seems legit... but so many of her rules are toxic and destroy relationships. No matter how you feel, be very careful what you let into your mind when you are at your most vulnerable. The personal development school, school of life, charisma on command, king of kings energy are all wholesome places to begin, free on youtube. Never spend money when you are upset.

  • Jun 27, 2020

Toxic Fake Relationship Guru

Everything about this individual is low class and low vibrational. She claims to be a “Man Whisperer”, but there is no evidence that she has used her expertise to develop a stable relationship with a man. None of her business videos has been produced professionally - everything appears to have been shot from her iPhone. She claims to live in a “Castle” in Southern California”. If so, she lives in that Castle alone. She tells women to “heal” and be “whole” yet if view her personal Facebook page and other social media you will see that all she does all day is post divisive, hate filled political rants. Her posts suggest that she harbors a lot of hatred towards Black Americans. She is a very deeply troubled person who seems to have a lot of personal demons. She is unfit to offer advice to anyone about feminine healing, feminine romantic relationships or feminine wholeness as she has manifested none of those things into her own reality.

  • Apr 7, 2020

Katarina Phang is a bully, narcissist, who openly lies about her colleagues

Katharina Phang is in one word delusional. She openly LIES about all other successful coaches being her students and then says that they copy her work. She calls herself (self-proclaimed) last resort in relationships. She hates other good love coaches like Rori Raye, Evan Marc Katz, Sami Wunder, the feminine woman and Gio Toca. She regularly follows them and attacks these other hard working colleagues with her abusive lies and tonnes of FAKE fb profiles. I´ve seen her openly abuse her colleagues which shows a complete lack of professionalism. If you´re SOOOO good, why do you bother so much about what others are doing and spreading so much negative energy?

In terms of money, she is cheaper than many other brands. She competes on low prices and SHAMES and bullies everyone who may charge more than what she charges. Her followers often blindly follow her and go about writing bad things for other coaches as well.

I would never buy anything from a woman with such bad energy so I cannot comment on her relationships´ knowledge but no matter how good one is at what one does, the way one speaks about their colleagues in public says everything to me.

Stop playing God Katharina. Shame on you. The same colleagues that you bull shit about day and night in your private Fb group have never paid you one bit of attention or said one bad word about you. Goes on to show who is the one losing here. They´re shaming you with their dignity.

  • Feb 25, 2020

Abuse & Harassment

This so called “coach” and “relationship guru” abuses and harasses her clients. Stay far away from this woman.

  • Jan 4, 2020

Katarina Ruined My Love Life

I’ve known her since 2014, and ever since I just never had a healthy relationship using her “philosophy”

Her philosophy made me robotic, cold and very anxious, thank God I haven’t purchased any of her “products” but she really feeds off women’s anxieties and low self worth so they can buy her shit and scamms them

I hope she gets jailed, she’s a real con artist.

  • Sep 29, 2019

Red flags anyone??

I was only in Kats group for a few weeks, it was no shock to me when her main moderator came to the group saying her boyfriend had poured gasoline all over her and her house after getting high on drugs ... and then accepted a go fund me donation to help her out of this situation ... surely good teachings wouldn’t have you involved in this kind of a relationship? Oh hang on ... the opening paragraph to Kats book reads “for entertainment purposes only” ... life imitating art perhaps?

  • Sep 24, 2019

Love her teachings

I can relate with Kat's teachings, and they help me to find different sources and references to understand more about the Buddhist teachings. I do not get engaged by following her teachings, but I get so much more. God bless you, Kat

  • Sep 24, 2019

Psychopath coach

Katarina Phang teaches "feminine energy" and "high value" but acts masculine and toxic herself. If you criticize any of her "teachings" on her fb page she will attack you , gaslight you and verbally abuse you. She targets vulnerable not so bright women to sell her products. Anyone strong with a brain will see what a hoax and scam she is. She is a psychopath cult leader and not a relationship coach with any credentials. Succesfull relationship coaches like Matthew Hussey have their own TV programs and are interviewed regularly by media. Katarina Phang does YouTube videos from her kitchen. She advertises herself as having thought dozens if not hundreds of women how to "get married". Yet all "testimonials " are from fake profiles with a picture of a wedding ring hand. She is near 50 but not married herself. She teaches women to get high value alpha men yet her own man is a total beta employed by her. Do not waste your time of money listening to this witch she is full of bile and toxicity.

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