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Karen Bergstrom

Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address 1861 Cockscrow Ln
Phone (714) 998-6383

Karen Bergstrom Reviews

  • Mar 21, 2021

Let me tell you about this wrinkled piece of work. Karen Bergstrom ripped us off for over $600.00 total. Karen Bergstrom hired us a couple years back in 2013-14 to maintain her pool while her house in Villa Park on Briley Way was on the market. When we were hired the pool was GREEN, the previous pool service stopped showing. We serviced the property until the house sold for a couple of months, meanwhile we hadn't received a penny. We called and text Karen Bergstrom several times, no response. We called daily, when she finally answered she said we were harassing her! WTF, beotch we want to be PAID!!! So, we mailed the invoices again and stopped calling her, nothing.

We told her we were going to sue her, nothing. She was working for Olive Crest at the time. We filed a small claims lawsuit and she appeared to be avoiding service. We went to her work several times and finally performed a substitute process service. Karen Bergstrom still hasn't paid a cent, we showed up to court, received our judgment. Still not a penny!! We advised Karen Bergstrom we were going to file a writ of execution/ garnish her wages, nothing. We filed a wage garnishment, at this time she stopped working for Olive Crest.

We were able to locate her new workplace at Townsend Safe Familes and garnish her wages almost 3 years later!!

We looked this woman up and she claims to have a phD but acts like trash stiffing us like some uncouth lowlife, not becoming of a phD is it Karen?

I'd think twice about dealing with this "woman"

Karen Bergstrom aka Dr. Karen Bergstrom, Karen L Bergstrom, Karen Lynn Bergstrom

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