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Kandypens Reviews

  • Jun 15, 2022

I was with Graham Gibson of Kandypens a while ago and when he said “My ex-girlfriend dumped me when I lost all my money and she married some other dude. The guy got ALS and now she has to wipe his a*s! This is Karma for her breaking up with me! They both got what they deserved.”

I couldn’t believe any decent person would wish a disease upon another person. A few months later, I randomly found out that Graham’s ex was helping her husband’s foundation raise millions of dollars for people with ALS. When I told Graham this, he said, “Ha! He is giving away his estate and not leaving anything to her or the kids. Charity is for suckers.”

Karma will catch up with Graham. Help by boycotting Kandy Pens as it is owned by one of the worst human beings in the world.

  • Mar 23, 2020

My pen arrived, I loaded less the the suggested amount just to try the pen out. The pen got extreamly hot. So hot that if I would put it to my lips it would burn them. I decided to clean. It out and reload it , and try it again. Same problem. At this point I realized the product was leaking under the glass table and onto the coil. I hit up kandypens, and asked for some help. I sent pictures of the atomizer.

I the got a response from kandypens starting I had loaded to much. Which is not true at all. They also said you cannot tip the pen when it is warm as it will leak into the air holes. For the price point this should not leak at all!!! Most expensive atomizer on market. Kandypens did offer to send me a new atomizer. They offered me the white one as the black one I paid for was not available ( even though I could purchase one on their website) The new atomizer arrived. Again I loaded leas then the amount recommended.

The pen still get extremely hot after two sesh modes. The. The new atomizer produces a metallic almost chemical taste. That I can't quite place. I have yet to get this pen to produce even the smallest of hits. This pen is absolute trash. For the price point, and the fact there is no return policy, I'm left feeling like kandypens just ripped me off. $130!!!! The pen does not even work!!!

  • Jan 20, 2018

Recieved my vaporizer it took a month from the usa to canada and then two days latter the coil burnt out to the ceramic head i am good with all electronics and know garbage when i see it they told me i was lying and that there was no way it could break "its unheard off" this aint the first vaporizer i had he told me they dont last for more then 4 months bad company if it breaks an it will dont expect anything but them tellin your a liar and it must be your fault spend your money else where people there are good companies out there

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