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Country United States
State District Of Columbia
City Washington
Address 2450 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Phone 202-939-5600


  • Sep 11, 2021

Using his military skills, Phil Haberman covertly went to Korea and breached a property (allegedly a dog meat farmer) and stole a German Shepherd dog, Jax claiming it was a US military dog. No evidence of anything except Haberman's story.

In the video, Drager proudly boasts of his accomplishment that no one else could extract the dog, and he didn't care who knew what he did.

Research K9 Global Rescue on Colorado Secretary of State, and the organization is in default, but they post their 2020 990 report on their website only gathering a little more than $19,000 in donations and are in good standing. No mention of assets, which according to Haberman's personal claims, they have night vision goggles and other military equipment.

On their website, there's a video about their heroic efforts, showing Haberman getting physical with a Korean man. Jon Barocas was shown cutting a lock on a fence. Dog Wars or theft? How can they trespass and steal without consequences?

How can this organization be allowed to operate? Someone should investigate, because I'm sure there's a few laws broken.

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