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JW's Travel Stop

Country United States
State Oklahoma
City Waurika
Address 8533 US-81
Phone 1 580-228-3800

JW's Travel Stop Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2021

I was very reluctant to talk openly about this for fear of retaliation by the owner of the truck stop which is also the sheriff of Jefferson County, but since no local lawyer will take my case, then I guess I have no choice! I choose to stay anonymous for safety reasons, and for the safety of my kids.

About 5 years ago I began working at JWs Travel stop as a server. I was responsible for taking orders and getting the orders back out to the customer. In this case the majority of my patrons were truck drivers. On several occasions I was asked personal questions, and more than one truck driver demanded personal information. As I took lunch or dinner orders, a truck driver put his hand on my leg and asked me if I needed a man in my life.

I told the manager about it and I was told that's just the way he is ,and to ignore it. Another truck driver on another occasion told me that he just bought a new Kenworth truck and asked if I wanted to see his sleeper cab. On another occasion, I was having a hard time with bills and a truck driver offered to pay me $500.00 if I made some sexual fantasies of his come true! The same truck driver insisted that I visit him after work.

Without going into too much detail, I put up with other types of harassment that included unwanted touching, obscene remarks, sexual innuendos, and truck drivers watching porn on their cell phones and asking me if I could do a specific sexual position shown on a video! On several occasions, I told the manager and the manager made remarks like that's just the way truck drivers are, or that they would take care of it, but they never did anything to stop it!

Finally, I decided to put in my two weeks notice and quit. The owner Jeremie Wilson asked to speak to me when he found out I was quitting. He warned me that I was making a big mistake. I told him in a polite way that I felt that I was being harassed, and I felt uncomfortable working there. He then said that I would regret quitting.

After I quit, I talked to two local lawyers who told me they would go after that truck stop for sexual harassment, but they did nothing but sit on the case for 1 to 2 years! They then told me the statute of limitations had expired and there was nothing they could do!

I'm not the only female server who has been sexually harassed while working there. There are other women who work there and are scared to say anything about it! They continue to take it for the sake of their kids! This has got to stop! Sexual harassment violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act! It is a crime and I feel for the women servers who work at JWs Travel Stop!

  • Dec 2, 2020

My son and I walked in at 8 p.m. It took 30 minutes just to get a drink, and another 30 minutes after that to place the order. At 9:30 p.m. we walked out WITHOUT our food being made!! There were at least 7 or 8 tables that sat down after us that got their order, ate their food and left! THIS PLACE SUCKS!

If you want a steak dinner, fine! Those dinners were coming out of the kitchen really fast... but if you want a simple omelette and hash browns, you are gonna wait at least an hour or more!!


Also I want to add that the truck stop is owned by Jeremie Wilson who is also the sheriff of Jefferson County, Oklahoma. He also owns several truck stops and other businesses in Waurika, Ryan, Terral, and Ringling! Anyone who isn't a customer at his stores are harrased by the local PD!! Truck drivers are well taken care of and are put first above anyone else in the county. In fact the truck drivers could break several laws and the cops there wouldn't care!! I've heard that his truck stops have facial recognition cameras as well as license plate readers! So if you stop at his truck stops and you aren't a truck driver, you may be followed and harrased by the local PD when you leave!! They have nothing better to do than to start trouble!! STAY AWAY FROM THERE!!

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