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Justin Mehren

Country United States
State California
City Oxnard
Phone 310-739-2535

Justin Mehren Reviews

  • Mar 26, 2018

Justin came in with fancy talk, he was keen to use the same 20 or so business terms peppered throughout his pitch. He seemed to always be on "the pitch." This was fine and what we wanted especially for a niche industry. But in the end, his words were lies through and through. He claimed to have a background in banking, investment strategy, real estate management and acquisition, and running businesses. Not only did this not appear to be the case based on his actions, but we could find no affirmation of his credentials. No bachelors degree, and no business degree. Definitely not a graduate degree. He's just a slick-Willie talker up front, gets his percentage, then underperforms. But in this niche industry, that is expected. Only we feel R O B B E D as we entrusted him and devoted a lot of resources his way built on the lies he laid down. There is no reason whatsoever to work with Justin. His background is checkered to say the least, and he has not made any life changes no matter what lies he says.

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